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The 2023 Harley-Davidson Lineup: A Breakdown of the Newest Models

What was your reaction to the 2023 Harley-Davidson® models release? 

Whenever there's a new thing about to come out, you can almost feel enthusiasts holding their collective breaths. They seem to have an internal conflict over whether to hope the promises implied in promos will be realized or if they should guard against disappointment by assuming it's inevitable. 

Whether you're talking about a revamped sports team, a movie sequel, iconic fashion or high end vehicles, the brands that have the biggest following often have the hardest time. When you get a thing perfect, it's hard to improve on that. Change for the sake of change usually backfires. If a thing can't be made better, it should probably be left alone. Think of how many movies you've seen where you wish you had stopped after the original (the most recent Matrix and Avatar come to mind). 

Critics attend model year releases with their own figurative bags of rotten tomatoes, ready to capitalize on and spread the news of a much-anticipated launch gone bad. But the thing is, H-D® doesn't tinker just for the sake of tinkering. The mission is always to produce something astoundingly powerful, as moving as poetry or art. This year, even the critics left wanting their own 2023 Harley-Davidson®. So let's look at the newest models and break down why this year might bring us the best yet.

2023 Harley-Davidson® Models - An Overview

The biggest news at the 2023 Harley-Davidson® model reveal was the unveiling of the 120th Anniversary limited-edition bikes. They come with commemorative paint and special details that add uniqueness and exclusivity to every bike. Each has stunning tank badges, flawless fade on custom paint sets and retro-feeling eagle motifs.

The 120th Anniversary bikes are all being manufactured in small numbers, so you might ride all over the United States and never encounter another just like yours. Plus, H-D® brought back Breakout, debuted Road Glide 3 and released Nightster Special. Motorclothes put a new spin on classic threads and the motorcycle maker introduced a range of parts and accessories that enable upgrades in storage, looks and performance.

2023 Harley-Davidson® Model Colors

One of the top searches right now involves available paint choices for 2023 Harley-Davidson® models. Like many of the previous, this year brings us old favorites and never before seen shades designed to make heads turn and eyes pop. There's no more gunship gray or subtle flat paint. Instead, these options make already stunning bikes even more eye-catching. Some are available in combination with each other, like Vivid Black and White Sand Pearl. Visit our dealership to see these 2023 Harley-Davidson® colors.

  • Industrial Yellow - You won't have a hard time picking your bike out of the long line of standard colors when you opt for this dreamy, creamy unmellow yellow.
  • White Sand Pearl - This neutral is anything but ordinary with a depth that comes from its iridescence and gloss. We're glad they brought this one back, it's both sophisticated and refined.
  • Prospect Gold - This color is deeper than Industrial Yellow. Think BumbleBee or the stripes on a yellowjacket.
  • Billiard Gray/Billiard Blue - This color combo makes you feel about as triumphant as when you sink the winning shot in the pocket you called. The blue is lighter than the shade from 2019.
  • Atlas Silver Metallic - This color is named after one of the most famous Titans because it makes riders feel both mysterious and all-powerful as they face the challenges of the open road.
  • Redline Red - If fire engines and cherry-colored stilettos get you going, this one's like a visual shot of caffeine. 
  • Heirloom Red - The anniversary paint that isn't one color at all, but a family of reds applied with perhaps the most labor-intensive perfection we've seen come straight from the factory. Red hasn't, in our memory been used on anniversary editions of the past, and it seems reminiscent of colors preferred by superheroes and royalty.

120 Anniversary Harley-Davidson Models

The big news, of course, is the 120th Anniversary Edition Harley-Davidson® bikes the manufacturer just dropped. There are seven in all, but the CVO stands almost in a class of its own. They come with distinctive badging that highlights a history running from 1903 to 2023 and details like oxblood stitching on seats and custom engine covers. Let's look at them one at a time. 

2023 Fat Boy

Only 3,000 units of 2023 Fat Boy will ever be made and distributed worldwide. They're numbered and serialized, so there's a known quantity. The air cleaner cover, cam cover and derby cover have Heirloom Red accents to make it unmistakeable that yours is a 120. The bikes also have red paneling on the seat. 

2023 Softail Heritage

The world only gets 1700 of these babies. It has similar paneling and the same fade technique that looks so amazing on Fat Boy, plus red paneling and stitching on the saddlebags. Spoke wheels give it that classic, traditional look.

2023 Street Glide Special

Your eyes won't be able to stop caressing the super smooth red fade that flows across all panels along with eagle graphics on the tank and a red panel on the center console.

2023 Road Glide Special

The factory stops making these at 1600. These come with black trim that really makes the red stand out. Plus, bronze wheel accents create a stunning contrast against all that black and red.

2023 Ultra Limited

The Ultra Limited comes with 120th Anniversary badging and chrome trim, and only 1300 will ever roll off the assembly line. A lot of Harley® dealerships may get only one (or none at all). 

2023 Tri Glide Ultra 120th Anniversary Edition

If you've been waiting to buy a three-wheeler, this might be the year to end your wait. The 2023 Tri Glide Ultra comes with chrome trim like the Ultra Limited. They're only making 1100, so the market will never be over-saturated with these limited quantity bikes.

2023 CVO Road Glide Limited

If you could only have one motorcycle for the rest of your life, you wouldn't go wrong to choose the 2023 CVO 120th Anniversary model for so many reasons. The paint is still called Red Heirloom, but this bike stands apart from the others in its visual presentation. Every Anniversary model is stunning, but this one is on a whole new level. 

The red looks even more deep and rich, an alluring jewel-toned temptation with details that stand out against darker paneling. Gold pinstriping and an eagle lead the way on the fairing, and the eagle's wings seem to fold back along the sides of the bike in sweeping ruby lines that are both protective and predatory. The CVO comes with Tomahawk wheels, a 117 cubic inch motor, Fosgate speakers, Kahuna collection floorboards, heated seats, heated grips, a tour pack emblazoned with 120th Anniversary Edition and so much more. The reveal teased more CVO choices will come out this year, but if you fall in love with this one, you're safe taking it home if you can get ahold of one.

Other 2023 Harley-Davidson® Changes

Road Glide 3 is an all-new twist on the in-demand three-wheeler. It comes with an upright riding position, a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin powertrain, a trunk, passenger seat, infotainment and a commanding presence. It also has a wind-tunnel tested body-mounted Shark fairing like what's on Road Glide instead of the batwing fairing we've seen until now. We're curious to see how that fairing does at high speeds, especially since attached vs. free-moving fairings have been a topic of hot debate since the beginning of time (okay well at least since there were both Road Glides and Street Glides available).

2023 Freewheeler got a refresh, with blacked out finishes and new wheels. It comes in Vivid Black, White Sand Pearl and Bright Billiard Blue/Billiard Gray.  The other member of the trike family, 2023 Tri-Glide Ultra still offers the ultimate when it comes to comfort and storage space. 

One of the most surprising offerings was Nightster Special. It comes with 70s inspired tank graphics, multi-spoke wheels, a four-inch TFT screen similar to what's available on Sportster S and other upgrades to the standard Nightster. It's more comfortable if you like to ride two up because it comes with a passenger seat and passenger footpegs. For a more in-depth comparison of 2023 Harley-Davidson® Sport family models look here

Breakout is back in 2023. This year it comes with 117 Milwaukee 8, the largest displacement available from the factory. This is a bare bones bike with exposed engine components and a super-generous five-gallon gas tank. Wheels appear similar to the 2013 style models with a 21-inch raked out front and a fat back tire. This is your bike if you like black accents, chrome finishes and a soul that fuses modern performance with bare-knuckles stripped-down style.

Parts, Accessories and Motorclothes

Motorclothes revealed fresh takes on the vintage attire that’s so in-demand in the custom bike community. You'll also want to know about these noteworthy parts and accessories.

Overwatch Quick Release Saddlebags

These sold out almost immediately, but we can back order for you or let you know when they're back in stock. They were an instant hit because of their extremely lightweight yet unbelievably durable nylon materials and the fact they're just as easy to attach and fill as they are to remove. The waterproof saddlebags have an internal locking mechanism that allows them to snap on with a flip of a lever and have a quick detach system that unlocks from inside.

FXLRST Saddlebags

Adding saddlebags can be complicated and expensive, because sometimes you have to order all the components for installing them separately, plus have them painted to match your bike. The ST saddlebags solve this problem because they come in standard colors and include what most people need for use. Super subtle gleaming curves that come painted from the factory and bolt easily to your bike. The saddlebags come with all the docking hardware you need and are almost effortless to install. They’re hard bags with locking capabilities, so you get a very functional and durable unit at a more affordable price point.

Adversary Collection

This premium collection comes in forged aluminum with a dual-anodized black and orange finish. It gives a plethora of options for visual upgrades when you add these parts to your derby cover, grips, pegs, engine cover and timer cover. It also includes floorboards for touring and Softail bikes. 

2023 Harley-Davidson® - Where to Buy

Gone are the days where vehicle sellers have overstocked lots and sales people have to jump through hoops to attract buyers because there's so much inventory. We may never live in that world again. We're getting new 2023 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in at our Dallas Harley® shop almost every day, but you don't have to wait and hope we end up with the bike you want. Start your 2023 motorcycle reservation online when you click here today.