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Buying H-D® Certified in 2022

In today’s market, it may be harder than ever to buy with confidence. Companies make promises they can’t back up, reviews can be fake and tight markets have manufacturers cutting corners. The H-D® Certified Pre-Owned program was created to help motorcyclists know they can buy with confidence.

Consumers turn to brands they trust to minimize uncertainty. Harley-Davidson® motorcycles have long been the most recognizable, reliable, and iconic bikes out there. They’re built to last, and riders take pride in keeping them in prime condition. Now, it’s easier than ever to identify the best of the best. In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about the H-D® Certified Pre-Owned program, including benefits for the buyer and where to find current inventory.

Benefits of Buying H-D® Certified Pre-Owned

If you search online for used motorcycles for sale near Dallas, the number of choices listed can be pretty overwhelming. There are private sellers of every caliber and a ton of Harley® dealerships to choose from. We choose to offer motorcycles that qualify for the Harley-Davidson® Certified program so riders can be sure they’re getting a high quality bike that lives up to (often surpasses) their expectations. 

Inclusion in the Harley-Davidson® Certified program differentiates pre-owned inventory from competing used bike alternatives. If you buy a Harley® from a private seller they may or may not be telling you the truth about its history. If you purchase from a Dallas motorcycle dealer they might be selling you a good bike, or they could have put lipstick on a pig.

The biggest benefit of buying H-D® Certified Pre-Owned is that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt the bike you’re getting is mechanically in top shape. We’ll go over inspection requirements in a minute, but for now let’s just say they’re extremely comprehensive.

Another huge perk of owning an H-D® Certified bike is that you receive a one-year national H.O.G. membership. Chapter members share a passion for riding, and each chapter offers unique riding experiences and the chance to make new connections. Events range from small meet-ups to huge rallies.

Harley-Davidson® Certified bikes also come with a year of H.O.G. Roadside Assistance. You have additional peace of mind knowing everywhere you ride you have acces to towing to the closest H-D® dealership if something happens and phone support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also provide buyers with links to the digital owner’s manual and service-related documents for their bike.

What Motorcycles Are Eligible to Be H-D® Certified?

So if you’re looking to buy a used motorcycle near Dallas, what kinds of motorcycles can you choose from if you’re interested in a Certified Pre-Owned? Our dealership is selective in the motorcycles it evaluates, because the certification process is time-consuming. We only consider these types of bikes for possible inclusion:

  • ONLY Harley-Davidson® motorcycles
  • Bikes that are 10 years old or newer (that means the current model year and the nine previous years)
  • Fewer than 25,000 miles on the odometer

These Motorcycles Won’t Qualify as Certified Pre-Owned

The eligibility list is short, but the list of items that will keep bikes from qualifying is long. This isn’t the complete list, but it will give you an idea how serious we are about Certified Pre-Owned bikes being as close to flawless as possible.

  • LiveWire and V-Rod motorcycles
  • Bikes with incomplete service history or that have had repairs not performed by a qualified mechanic
  • Motorcycles with aftermarket mods to engine or transmission
  • Major chassis, base geometry of driving, frame, liquid cooling or electrical modifications
  • Bikes not originally made by Harleyâ
  • Motorcycles with H-Dâ branded tuners made before 2016
  • Electric motorcycles
  • Imported bikes or those not in compliant with current U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Standards
  • Motorcycles that have been used for law enforcement purposes
  • Bikes that have been used in riding or racing competitions
  • Motorcycles that have an extensive or unreasonable service history
  • Any bike that has been in a major accident
  • Harleys with salvage titles, the original warranty voided or blocked VIN numbers

 The list goes on. Basically, we want buyers to receive a bike in like-new condition because there’s a promise involved, and our reputation is on the line if we say a bike passes inspection. We intend to deliver on that promise every single time.

H-D® Certified Inspection Requirements

To be included in the program, bikes go through a rigorous 110-point H-D® Certified Motorcycle Inspection checklist from an H-D® Certified technician. Bikes have to pass with a grade of 100%.

Our techs primarily focus on the following:

Records and Paperwork

We start with the motorcycle’s vehicle history report to determine if there’s evidence it’s had all needed maintenance from a qualified, verifiable source.

Mechanicals, Wheels and Tires

Technicians then evaluate the engine, transmission, braking, steering, suspension, tires, wheels and more. We take it out on the road to make sure it performs impeccably.

Functional Controls and Integrated Technology

These features influence everything from comfort to convenience to safety, and they’re expected to do so without a single glitch. We check out instrumentation, infotainment, lights and seats as part of our inspection checklist.


Harley®s are very much about looks, and Certified Pre-Owned bikes are expected to be faultless. We thoroughly inspect paint, chrome, leather, vinyl and everything else. Then, we take and retain images of the unit from all angles.

What About Reconditioning?

If a bike falls short during the multi-point inspection, we may choose to do some reconditioning. For example, if brakes have less than 70% of pad life left but the rest of the bike is in good shape, we might replace the pads. If we can’t confirm brake fluid was replaced within the last 18 months, we’re going to go ahead and change it. If tires are more than five years old or if tread depth doesn’t meet minimums, we put on new ones.

Documenting Certification

If a bike passes inspection, the technician, Service Manager and/or General manager all have to sign off on it. The customer receives an original wet signature copy at the time of purchase, and the dealership keeps a copy on file. If financing is involved, the lender may also require a copy.

Harley-Davidson® Motor Company and Harley-Davidson® Financial Services want to keep the honest people honest, so dealerships that offer Certified Pre-Owned bikes face periodic audits. We’re required to keep certification checklists, certification records and bike photos on hand for five years after the sale. We can’t just say we sell bikes that qualify as Harley-Davidson® Certified, we have to be able to prove it.

H-D® Certified Limited Warranty Coverage

Every Certified Pre-Owned comes with a one year unlimited mileage coverage for the engine and transmission. These parts are covered:

  • Engine assembly
  • Fuel pump
  • Cylinder block and internal parts
  • Cylinder heads and internal parts
  • Manual transmission assembly, case and internal parts
  • Intake manifold
  • Primary drive housing and internal parts
  • Engine mounts
  • Voltage regulator
  • Ignition coil
  • Starter motor
  • Water pump

What The H-D® Certified Warranty Doesn’t Cover

What the warranty doesn’t cover is basically common sense. You have to pay for your own scheduled motorcycle maintenance when it comes due. You can’t bring it because it has squeaks or rattles and have it worked on under your Limited Warranty coverage. It doesn’t include wheel balancing, replacing seals and gaskets, removal of contaminants etc. Replacing or topping off coolants, fluids and lubricants is also on your dime unless it’s necessary during a covered repair.

Should You Upgrade to the H-D® Extended Service Plan?

Sometimes riders want to make sure they’re covered for a longer time frame. When you buy an H-D® Certified bike, you’ll have the option of buying an extended service plan that gives you up to seven years of additional coverage from the manufacturer’s original in-service date or for five years of additional coverage for bikes that were purchased after their original manufacturer’s warranty expired. The plan provides:

  •  Extensive coverage on major components like the engine, transmission, steering, cooling and electrical systems etc.
  • Possible additional coverage for tires and wheels and Screamin’ Eagle parts
  • Trip interruption coverage

 Typically, buyers receive the best pricing on extended service plans if they purchase them at the time of motorcycle sale.

How to Find Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycles Near Dallas

So you're sold on the benefits and you want the best of the best, but how do you find out what H-D® Certified bikes are available near Dallas? We make it easy to search online. Just click here to visit our Pre-Owned motorcycles page. Then when you get there, check the box for "Certified." You can also reach out using the chat box in the bottom corner of your screen.