Dallas H.O.G.® Officer on Motorcycle Camping and Long Road Trips

Michael Savage, Safety Officer and Road Captain for the Dallas H.O.G.® chapter shares insight on motorcycle camping and long road trips.

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How I Got Better at Slow Speed Maneuvers

For some people, learning to ride a motorcycle seems effortless. I'm not one of those. It took hours and hours of practice before I got comfortable with slow speed maneuuvers. Read this if you're still struggling.

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How Much Does Mileage Matter on a Used Motorcycle in Dallas?

Dallas has literally the worst traffic in Texas, and is the 28th most congested city in the world. That traffic puts a lot of wear and tear on used motorcycle engines. When you're thinking about buying a used motorcycle, the service history and previous owner's driving habits are the most important things to consider. Read this to find out more.

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How to Create a Custom Motorcycle -- Insider Tips and Photos From a Garland Expert

If you want to customize your motorcycle, you may have a general idea what you want, or you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities available through Harley®. Our chrome consultant Aaron Kelly works with residents of Garland, Mesquite, Heath and beyond to improve fit, function and style. Read insider tips from this self-proclaimed Viking and see photos of his personal custom motorcycle.

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6 Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Read basic safety tips for new motorcycle riders. Seasoned riders, what do you have to add?

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New Rider? Answer These 4 Questions Before You Buy a Used Motorcycle in Dallas

If you're ready for your first bike, congratulations! Here's what you need to know about buying a used motorcycle in Dallas.

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