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Why Service Your Motorcycle in Spring

Rules are made to be broken. That's an attitude common among Harley®  riders (and in most cases it works), but not when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Overall riders cherish freedom from the daily grind, they defy expectations. They're disruptive and they don't give a rat's about the status quo. They're absolute strangers to daily grind conformity and scheduling servitude.

However, any rider who has experience, who truly knows bikes is systematic, regular, almost religiously committed to doing one thing on the regular. He or she knows when it's time to schedule motorcycle service, you schedule motorcycle service.

What Does it Mean to Service a Motorcycle?

Whether you got your bike brand new or purchased a pre-owned Harley-Davidson®, it's a machine with many moving parts that need regular attention to make sure they keep working as they should. There's more to it than just an oil change. Yes, you should change your oil and filter at regular intervals, but there's more to it than that. Valve clearances need to be checked (and sometimes adjusted), brake fluid and engine coolant needs to be changed, spark plugs need to be replaced and so on. 

What happens if you don't service your motorcycle? The short answer is, it just won't last as long. You'll have problems sooner. Expensive things will start to not work. Your bike will be worth less if you go to sell it. But let's get a little more specific.

  • If you don't change your motorcycle oil - Motorcycle engines work hard. If you don't change your oil regularly, it will start to solidify. When you ride, it might not be able to evenly reach all the moving parts its meant to lubricate. Contaminants (like mini metal particles from engine wear) will build up and re-circulate. Components will wear out faster, oil channels can get plugged and your engine might get overheated. You'll consume more fuel, and you might void your warranty.
  • If you don't check your brake fluid - Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. Water boils at a lower temperature than brake fluid. Over time, your brakes become less effective. Debris buildup is also a possibility.
  • When you neglect your cables - Cleaning and lubricating cables and chain will ensure peak performance for your Harley®. You'll see a difference in how your bike rides. The opposite is also true. When cables stay dirty or go without lube, performance degrades and you might find yourself on a dangerously unreliable machine.

When Should You Service Your Motorcycle?

How often should you service a Harley? If you're asking how frequently you should take your bike into the shop for motorcycle maintenance, that depends on your bike and how much you ride. Dig out your owner's manual and see what it recommends. If your bike is new, the first 500 miles is the "break-in period." After that, it's important to take it in for its first service.

People ask if it's absolutely necessary to perform this maintenance since follow-ups are so much more spaced out. The answer is yes. When you bring it in, our factory-trained technicians go over every inch of it from top to bottom. We make sure the way it's running will deliver top-notch performance for the long term. Even if all you need is fresh fluids and a few tweaks, it's worth protecting your investment and peace of mind.

If your bike is past that break-in period, take it in for service every 2,500 to 3,000 miles. For some people, that's once a year. For others, it's a little more or less. 

If you're asking what time of year is best for having a bike serviced, that too depends on your motorcycle and riding habits. If you're approaching that 2,500-3,000 mile mark, you'd better go ahead and book your service. The weather has already started to change. Before you know it, you're going to step outside or wake up and suddenly be seized by an irresistible desire to go for a long ride. Or you're going to walk into your garage and your bike is going to give you that begging to be ridden look. When it happens, you're going to have to choose between delaying what could be the perfect ride or possibly damaging your bike. 

Simply put, if your bike needs maintenance, the best time to have it done is now.

On another note, if you're not approaching one of those regular service intervals, you're just planning for the future, there might be another season that's best. 

In spring, the good Dallas motorcycle repair and maintenance shops are slammed (and ours is the best of the best). It's like on the first beautiful spring day, all of DFW decides to schedule bike service.

During bad weather months, a lot of people park their bikes. Motorcycle maintenance shops aren't as busy. That means if you plan ahead, you might get in faster. Plus, technicians will have more time to answer questions and address concerns.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Service Take?

Our job in the service department is to keep you happy by keeping your Harley® motorcycle healthy. The service department at Dallas Harley-Davidson® boasts some of the best trained and most experienced service staff in the industry. They are here and ready to serve all your customizing, repair and maintenance needs. We're trained and equipped to deliver the following multi-point inspection in just one hour:

  • Battery and charging system check
  • Tire pressure and condition check
  • Brake system check
  • Test operation of electrical components
  • Adjust and lube cables
  • Check oil and fluids
  • Check for leaks
  • Ensure proper running condition
  • Check air filter

How Much Does Motorcycle Service Cost?

People put off motorcycle service in part because it's time-consuming, but mostly because it's expensive. If you've called around for pricing, you'll be surprised to know our Spring Service Special delivers all of the above for just $99, but it's only available through the end of the month.

Find Motorcycle Service Near Me

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