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Finding the Best Used Motorcycles Near Dallas - About Certified Pre-Owned

Finding the Best Used Motorcycle Near Dallas

The internet is packed with tips on buying a used motorcycle. We'll give you a quick summary of the best advice from motorcycle magazines, YouTube influencers, insurance agencies and other resources.

  • Be clear about what you want - Know what you can afford to pay and how much money and work, if any, you're willing to put into needed repairs. Visit a dealership and sit on the Dallas TX used motorcycle models you're considering and take your favorites for a test ride. If you're thinking about financing your bike, it's a good idea to pre-qualify so you know what you can afford. (If you're concerned about your credit, see our article on bad credit motorcycle loans).
  • Figure out your buying time frame - If you're a patient soul who has more time and less money, you might be able to browse used motorcycles near Dallas indefinitely until you find exactly what you're looking for. If you're ready to buy now, you'll want to know the best way to quickly identify everything available on the Dallas used bike market today.
  • Examine the online offer - You should see plenty of clear photos that help you evaluate the bike's condition and the type of care it has received. One or two grainy photos might mean the seller was in a hurry or he or she isn't good with a camera, or they could be trying to hide something. The online offer should include good contact information, use that to ask for more. 
  • Look for signs of wear - Check for telltale signs the bike has been dropped like scratches and dents on the footpegs, handlebar ends, lever ends, fork tubes, tank etc. 
  • Request the service history - Compare records to what the manufacturer suggests for that make and model.
  • Ask about the title - You definitely don't want to buy a stolen bike. Also, if the seller has financing, they'll need to pay off their note before the title can transfer to you. Also, make sure the VIN on the bike matches the one on the title.
  • Evaluate the bike cold - You'll get a better picture of how it starts and whether it leaks or smokes. 
  • Get a professional evaluation - Unless you're a motorcycle mechanic, you could miss things. If there are serious issues, you might want to walk away. If they're minor, you might get the seller to take the cost of repairs off the purchase price.

Why Buying Certified Pre-Owned Just Makes Sense

That's a lot of steps, a lot of things to think about. When you buy a used motorcycle near Dallas or anywhere else, you take risks. That bike could be stolen. The person could be lying to you about what it's been through. It could have hidden damage or mechanical issues that end up costing you literally thousands of dollars. It might be unreliable. In many situations, there's just no way to tell.

That's why buying H-D® Certified or Certified Pre-Owned just makes sense. We take the uncertainty out of buying used because all bikes that qualify for the program have to be five years old or less and they must pass a 110-point quality inspection given by H-D® trained technicians. They also come with a limited 12 month and unlimited powertrain warranty, a year of H.O.G. membership and roadside assistance. 

You're basically guaranteed to be buying a bike that's as advertised. It's going to give you the experience you're looking for and allow you to avoid the potential headaches and pitfalls of buying used.

Certified Pre-Owned Examples Available Near Dallas

So what's available now, today if you want to take it home? Here are a few of the used motorcycles at our Dallas Harley® dealership that qualify as Certified Pre-Owned.



Let's just take a minute. There's a reason Fat Bob was Cycle World's pick for Best Cruiser in 2018 - actually a lot of reasons. The beefy front tire, the enhanced performance, the burly stance and incredible torque and distinctive headlight all make this an unmistakeable ride with timeless appeal.

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The paint combo is black forest and wineberry, which sounds good enough to eat, and when you lay eyes on this bagger it's definitely going to hit you in the gut and make you drool with the power of its Milwaukee-Eight® 117 (1923cc) V-Twin engine, red rocker covers, premium Talon wheels and custom controls, all-new BOOM!™ Box GTS infotainment with 3 separate amplifiers, 75 watts per channel and 900 watts of clear audio performance. You also get a wireless headset interface, heated grips and so much more.

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 Harley's darkest, most road-devouring road machine goes to an even darker, more road-hungry place with this Certified Pre-Owned Road Glide Special. This bike is one of the most distinctive V-twins on the road, and for many has long been regarded as the gold standard when it comes to touring bikes. Featuring Showa’s Dual Bending Valve fork with generous five inches of travel, ample storage space, sublime braking performance and ergonomics for the long haul.

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More on our Massive Certified Pre-Owned Sale

We stocked up to offer you the best of the best when it comes to H-D Certified. Our massive Certified Pre-Owned sale is now through October 31, but our in-demand bikes are going fast. To shop online, view our pre-owned inventory and check the box for "certified." If you have questions, use the chat feature in the lower right of your screen or give us a call at 972-270-3962. Plus, you don't have to live in Dallas to buy our Certified Pre-Owned bikes - we ship nationwide!