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2020 Holiday Gifts You Can Still Pick Up at Dallas Harley-Davidson (With Photos)

2020 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Harley®  Lovers

December is already half gone. Like everything else, this year holiday shopping has presented unique challenges for consumers and vendors alike. Christmas is right around the corner and at this point, if you order online, you might not receive items in the mail before Christmas Day. We've got items in stock for every budget and age group.

We make every effort to maintain the highest standards when it comes to health and hygiene, but if you don't want to shop in person, you don't have to. Give us a call or use the messaging feature in the right corner of your screen and tell us what you'd like to purchase. Then we'll help you complete your transaction over the phone and bring it out to your vehicle when you arrive. We've included photos of some of the items so you can request them by name. We can also send you photos of in-store options to help you mark everything off your list. Now let's get to those last-minute gift ideas for Harley®  lovers.

The Big One

If this year you want to give them the gift that makes their jaw drop, makes them tear up, puts that look of absolute wonder and amazement in their eyes and makes them look at you like you just became a deity, buy them a new Harley® . You won't go wrong with this one. Even if they say, "You shouldn't have," what they really mean is, "You just made all my dreams come true."

So how do you make it happen? We covered the details on how to choose a bike, how to handle a trade, obtaining financing and how to get their new bike to them in our article How to Surprise Your Loved One With A Motorcycle for Christmas. The bottom line is, we can help make it happen, and we'd love to be involved if you're considering giving your loved one such a phenomenal gift. 

For New Riders

If someone in your life just started riding this year, there's a good chance he or she needs some of the basic gear that goes with motorcycling. Do a little detective work to find out if they have all of the following:

A good riding jacket - It has gotten cold, and riding means constant exposure to the elements. We have riding jackets in store in multiple price points, just find out their size. Here's one of our most popular leather options that's available in both Men's and Women's sizes:

d9bab06c4a86e0271a57cc9b5ccba915_0305dbdc8535ce46.jpgMen's Sleeve Stripe Leather Jacket

And we also have textile riding jackets like this one:

62c569de86a14bf6c07799970c4c81d7_0993e558c4fca5bb.jpgMen's Piledriver Riding Jacket

Gloves are another must-have for new riders. When you're on a bike in cool temperatures, the first place you'll feel the cold is in your fingertips. Protect their dexterity and keep them comfortable with a good set of riding gloves like these H-D®  gloves for touchscreens.

6c75dbdb8edf33f3e667fcd85f56da53_478217c2763e8aae.jpgMen's Skull Touchscreen Riding Gloves

When You Don't Have a Lot to Spend

Sometimes you just want to pick up a little something extra. Other times you need a Secret Santa gift idea or White Elephant gift idea that doesn't break the bank. Stop by and pick up one of the following for a guaranteed hit.

Guardian Bells

Biker superstition says riding with a guardian bell will help you stay safe on two wheels. However, you can't buy your own, you must receive it as a gift. We have a wide selection at Dallas Harley-Davidson® in Garland TX.

Limited Edition Christmas Tree Ornaments


We have a breathtaking assortment of limited edition ornaments, and every single one of them will be received with much appreciation. If you see them in person you're going to have a hard time deciding which ones to give away and which ones to keep for yourself. If you get here fast, you'll see choices like the following:

  • Vintage blown glass water tower
  • Pewter H-D oil can
  • Blown glass silver gas tank
  • Vintage H-D factory ornament
  • Classic gold and clear glass mini H-D® snow globe
  • H-D® ornament 4-pack (shown above)

Our collection of holiday mugs is sure to please anyone who drinks coffee, hot cocoa or tea. And for the person who has a Harley-themed Christmas tree, pick up our blown glass H-D® tree topper. 

If you want to spend a little more but still keep your total low, pair related items for double the delight. For example, give one of our H-D® Santa hats with a bell on the end and the matching H-D® stocking. Or pair our Santa on a Harley® ornament (pictured as this article's feature image) with the matching stocking holder. 

2020 Stocking Stuffers for Harley® Lovers

Speaking of stockings, we don't just sell them, we've got ideas for filling them with holiday cheer. For the rider who likes to stay in touch, grab one of our water-resistant handlebar mount phone carriers to keep their directions visible and phone protected on the go. 

412278e2beb1b9433a3866253196a3a3_8e707cb032402525.jpgHandlebar Mount Phone Carrier

Get a portable battery pack to jump-start a dead battery or keep devices charged on trips. A helmet lock or helmet/jacket security cable is another stocking stuffer that will be much-appreciated every time your rider stops for food or gas and doesn't want to safely leave their gear with their bike.

For Little Ones

If you've seen stars in their little eyes every time they look at a Harley, or if they're still in diapers and you want to raise them right, we've got last-minute gift ideas that will lead to squeals of joy on Christmas morning. For the very smallest Harley lovers, pick up onesies and booties. Toddlers and preschoolers can have their very first riding experience on one of our electric balance bikes. For ages 12 and up, you really can't go wrong with our Lego Fat Boy.

9a79ed2eddb11d70b2a1eab545b614c0_4e153772cb4cb8dd.jpgLego Fat Boy

More Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We've just barely scratched the surface when it comes to the Christmas gift ideas we have in store at Dallas Harley-Davidson in Garland TX. If you don't see an idea here you love, there are more available on our website. From the main navigation menu choose Shop>Shop H-D®  Online, but instead of adding items to cart, give us a call at 972-270-3962. We can pull your gift choices from our shelves and set them aside so they're ready for you to pick up and you don't run the risk of receiving your purchase after Christmas. You can also request items using our contact form and we'll give you a call to arrange payment and pickup.