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Christmas magic doesn't have to be just for kids. If there's someone in your life you love more than any other and you want to see wonder, joy and surprise on their face, why not give him or her their dream bike? It takes some planning, but it's possible to arrange for a big reveal without them suspecting a thing. We have the Harley-Davidson® Street, Sportster, Softail, Touring, Trike or CVO they're looking for right here in Garland, Texas. Here's how we can help you make it happen.


This is the tricky part, because you need to make sure you're getting the perfect bike without creating suspicion. Call 972-270-3962 and let us know what you're planning. You can also fill out our online contact form. 

If visiting a H-D® dealership is something you do together regularly, make it seem just like any other trip. If you've never before expressed an interest in motorcycles though, and you suddenly want to spend your Saturday afternoon looking at bikes they're going to know something is up. 

One idea might be to think of something you need at Centerville Cross Roads Shopping Center or WinCo Foods. When you notice they're looking at bikes, offer to go with them "just to look."

If we know you're coming, our salesmen can help nudge them in the right direction. We'll ask questions to find out their dream bike, then get them to sit on one to make sure it's the right fit.

If you can't get them to stop by, you can still surprise them if you have a good idea of what they want. If the bike turns out to need some adjustments, our chrome consultants are pretty spectacular at making it happen.


Up to 70 percent of motorcyclists finance their bikes, so if you don't have the cash in your Christmas shopping account, you're not alone. With a minimum down payment and approved credit, we can get you your bike within just a few hours. 

The easiest option is filling out our credit application online. All you need is a government ID like your driver's license, passport or military I.D. We take it from there. 

You may be worried your credit isn't good enough to qualify without the other person being on the loan. We'll work with you. We have unique relationships with lenders, and we've been able to help countless Dallas riders get the motorcycle of their dreams, even with less-than-stellar credit. The process is similar to buying a car. If you have concerns about that part, give us a call and we'll do everything we can to help.


If you can get the bike to the dealership to do a full trade appraisal that's best. If you don't ride, that's okay. If you're in the area we can pick it up and do it for you if you let us know a time that doesn't ruin the surprise. If that's not possible, we'll have you take pictures of the bike and the VIN and find out current payoff if there is one. We'll pencil the deal based on the info we have.


We've delivered surprises many times in the past. We love being able to be a part of such an important moment. If you need the bike delivered, it's best to arrange for it before Saturday, December 22. We're closed Sunday and Christmas Eve is a half day, so we don't have a driver available for bike drop off.

If you want to give the gift a little early we've delivered to homes, workplaces and other locations. We'll work with you to time the moment just right. If you want to give the gift on Christmas morning, you can have it delivered early and store it until the big day.

You can't exactly hide a brand new Harley-Davidson® in the back of the closet. In the past we've seen people ask a neighbor to store it until Christmas morning and wrap the keys to put under the tree. If you have a shed or other storage area your significant other rarely goes, that might also be a good hiding place.

Enlist a family member to have their camera ready when your person unwraps their gift and again when they first see the bike. Those photos are memories you'll both cherish forever. 

Ready to start planning your surprise? Get in touch today, let's make it happen!