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Battle of the Kings

Here it is, our Battle of The King 2019 video... This video has been weeks of hard work for a lot of people. We want to give a massive shout out to @ta_visuals and his crew for busting their ass to shoot this video. A huge thank you goes out to @redgapmoto for giving us an amazing faculty to have some fun at. @dangerdanimal for making an appearance having some fun, go check out his podcast for anything and everything awesome that involves two wheels.... The kids @gr_ctc who put it all together and built us some badass one-off parts, @othersidegary for killing the paint job as always, and everyone else involved... Thank you !!! Our GSM @ftw_lance_dtx had a blast riding this bike, we were a little gentle on it considering it had 3 miles on it and didn’t want to wad it up on its maiden voyage