Service department

Service department

True high performance in about one concept. Moving as much combustible fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber as possible, burning that mixture as completely and efficiently as possible, and removing those burnt gasses as efficiently as possible.

Harley-Davidson® attempts to do just this, but they are hampered by EPA restrictions that are counter to the goal of true performance. Trust me, Harley-Davidson® could and would deliver performance closer to what you seek as an owner, were it not for these restrictions.

True performance is the result of a combination of the right parts.

Many aftermarket parts manufacturers claim the best performance from their individual parts, but even the best parts fall short when combined with other parts that do not work well in the combined package. The correct package of performance parts is key to reaching your performance goals.

Some examples are when a really good cam is combined with a poor exhaust system or the inverse a really good exhaust system combined with a cam that does not have enough overlap. Both situations can have a negative impact on your performance goals.

The old adage is 'Speed cost money; how fast do you want to go?"

At Dallas Harley-Davidson®we believe performance does not have to cost a lot with the right combination of parts and tuning.

The service department at Dallas Harley-Davidson®is staffed with several technicians that are performance junkies who would be happy to discuss the performance package that is right for you and your motorcycle. After you have found the right package, we can install and tune that package to meet your performance goals.

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