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Things to Do During Quarantine If You Own a Harley

If you’re sick of television, social media and trying to work from home, here are better things to do during quarantine when you own a Harley®.

Ride More

You always say you wish you had more time to ride. Now you do, so put your money where your mouth is. It sounds cliché, but there really has never been a better time, because riding is good for our health. Check out these benefits:

  • Riding makes your brain healthier. You’ve spent enough time on mindless tasks. When you ride your Harley®, you give your brain a fresh, consistent challenge. You can’t check out like you do in a car or sitting on the couch, because you’re constantly adjusting your speed and direction and monitoring the road ahead. The level of concentration required gives your brain a workout, which improves cognitive abilities.
  • Motorcycle rides boost mood and bust stress. You know that feeling you get when you start your bike. It’s a mix of hope and adrenaline, and it never gets old. No matter how much money you’ve lost in the stock market, how tough the jobs forecast looks or how concerned you are about infection, you’ll get an emotional lift if you go for a ride. Plus, the vitamin D exposure brings both mental and physical benefits.
  • Harley® riding makes you more fit. It’s no secret Harleys are heavy. You work your legs, butt, back, arms and everything else when you go for a bike ride. Just cruising down the road requires keeping your core engaged. The gym is closed, go ride your Harley®.
  • Riding centers you in reality. We’ve been immersed in pandemic panic. Coronavirus is serious stuff, and our world is in trouble, but that’s not the only reality there is. When you go for a ride, you see there’s beauty in nature and hope for mankind. You remember who you were before this started, who you still are today. You go home stronger.

Live Stream Your Ride

Not everyone has a Harley. Your grandma will never, ever get on a bike with you, but she loves to see you on Facebook.

You can take friends and relatives with you when you ride if you have a Go Pro or similar camera. You might just give people who’ve never ridden a glimpse into the type of freedom you enjoy every day.

Detail Your Bike

Normally by now we’d be running ads for a bikini bike wash. We’re sad we can’t have events because we miss our members, but it’s more important to keep everyone healthy until we can get together again. Why not detail your bike, then post your work on our Facebook page? Here are detail instructions from a previous post.

Gather Your Cleaning Products

Take everything off the bike you don’t want to get wet like leather saddlebags or electronics that aren’t waterproof. Remove your seat so you don’t have to work around it. Then gather everything you might possibly need so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the job, find your mask and drive to a store.

You’ll need the following:

  • Two buckets
  • Soap
  • Bug and tar remover
  • Engine cleaner
  • Wheel and tire cleaner
  • A small, soft scrub brush
  • A bigger more firm scrub brush for wheels
  • Microfiber towels
  • Paint polish and metal polish
  • A clean sponge or wash mitt

Prepare Surfaces

Rinse off your bike to dislodge any loose debris so you don’t scrub it into the paint. Start with fresh water, rinsing from the top down. A plain garden hose works great for this part.

Next, spray your wheels and tires with the wheel and tire cleaner. Then, walk around the entire bike and douse all splatters with bug and tar remover. This part is important, since bug guts are acidic and bad for your paint. Pay extra attention to mirror backs, your headlights, the front of the gas tank, front fork sliders and the front fender. Let your bike soak a few minutes so the chemicals can do the work.

Mix Cleaning Solution

Any auto car wash soap is fine, but don’t use dish soap. It’s rough on your paint. Mix per directions in both buckets. Use the sponge or wash mitt to agitate the soap and water into foam. 

Wash Your Bike

Work from top to bottom, using one bucket for bodywork and chrome. Keep in mind anything even slightly gritty is abrasive. You want to rinse it away, not scrub it off. Even microscopic scratches will mar the look of your paint. If your mitt or sponge gets dirty, switch it out for a new one.

Use your second bucket for the undercarriage and wheels, since they tend to be dirtier and contain debris. If your wheels have spokes, it’s easier to clean between them with a brush than using your hands. Start with your valve stem and work your way around. That way you know when you’ve made a complete circuit. Make sure you rinse your sponge frequently to remove debris.

Use the soft scrub brush for stubborn bug guts on your headlight and plastic surfaces. When you’re finished, rinse again from the top down on low pressure. Check for spots you missed or debris that didn’t come off. If necessary lather, rinse, repeat.

Dry and Protect Your Harley

Use a dry chamois towel or microfiber cloth to remove excess water. Then apply a quality motorcycle wax to protect your Harley’s finish and shield paint from dirt and road grit. Chrome polish will amp up the brilliance of pipes and accents.

Watch Movies With Harleys

Revisit old favorites or find new ones. Here’s a list of movies with Harleys we love to get you started:

  • Easy Rider (1951 Panhead Chopper)
  • The Wild One (Hydra Glide)
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1990 Fat Boy)
  • Pulp Fiction (1986 FXR Super Glide)
  • Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1989 FXR)
  • Escape From LA (Sportster)
  • Captain America (Softail Cross Bones)
  • The Expendables (Harley-based Chopper)
  • Rocky III (1978 FLH Electra Glide)
  • Ghost Rider (Panhead-based Chopper)

Plan Your Dream Bike

Online shopping isn’t closed. Plus, our service department is still working, since vehicle service is essential. Browse our online inventory to look for your dream bike. Or, get in touch with one of our service experts to find out how we can customize your ride.