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Buy a New Motorcycle Near Dallas? What to Know

Buying from a Dealer vs. Private Owner

Search online for the make and model you're interested in and you'll find hundreds, maybe thousands of listings across the United States, so if you want to buy a new motorcycle this calendar year, you've got to narrow things down. When it comes to buying from a previous owner or buying from a dealership, the decision ultimately comes down to trust.

Whether you're buying new or used, can you trust the seller to give you honest information about the bike's current condition and its past history? Sometimes you know the person who is selling and the way they take care of their stuff, and it's worth it. But with a stranger, it's hard to tell. 

That doesn't mean all dealerships are safe havens for motorcycle buyers. At some, it's the opposite. If the salesman or dealership is just in it to sell a bike, any bike, you're no better off, and you could end up paying more. But the thing is, with dealerships that has been around any length of time, if they make a habit of prioritizing profits over people, word gets out. Before you buy, read reviews. Here's a link to some of ours

We also offer Certified Pre-Owned, delivering peace of mind you simply can't get when you shop private sellers. H-D® Certified motorcycles face a grueling 110-point inspection by Harley® trained technicians. They come with a limited 12-month and unlimited mileage powertrain warranty, a 12-month H.O.G. membership that includes roadside assistance, and they're only available at select H-D® dealerships. 

Before You Commit

If at all possible, you need to sit on the bike before you commit. You can do all the research in the world, but you can't know if you will actually feel comfortable on it unless you throw a leg over and grab the handlebars. If you already have your motorcycle license and some riding experience under your belt, take it for a test ride. If you don't, we can put you on JumpStart so you can start the bike, rev the engine and get a feel for how it runs.

Research Insurance and Financing

So.....before you ride off on your new bike, you'll have to make arrangements to pay for it, and you'll need insurance coverage. The same company you use for your auto insurance might also cover motorcycles, and if that's the case, you can take care of it with a phone call. Just remember what's easiest isn't always the most cost-effective. It doesn't hurt to get a quote from more than one insurer just to make sure what you're paying is competitive. We work with Full Cycle Insurance to provide affordable Dallas motorcycle insurance for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

People sometimes ask if they can ride home without insurance. If you're applying for financing, you'll have to arrange for coverage before you're approved. Financing companies want to make sure if something happens, they don't lose their investment, especially not before you make the first payment. If you're paying for your bike upfront, there's a brief grace period and it's fine to ride home, then call your insurer. If you get pulled over on the way, show the officer your brand new bill of sale. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. No matter how experienced you are, the bike is new to you. Do you really want to risk having a fender bender and not being covered?

We've also got you covered when it comes to financing. We covered frequently asked questions in our recent article Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Motorcycle Payment. We can help you get the bike you want even if you have credit issues or don't have a big down payment. We also take more in trade than just Harley-Davidson® bikes.

What to Bring When You Buy a New Motorcycle Near Dallas

You have an idea what you want and you're ready to commit, so what should you take with you when you go to actually purchase a new Harley-Davidson®? Here's your checklist:

  • Identification - Make sure your driver's license, passport or other forms of valid I.D. isn't expired. It doesn't hurt to bring a second form of documentation that shows your name and current address.
  • Riding Gear - If you might take a test ride, bring your helmet, gloves, riding boots, riding jacket and so on. Side note: if you're going to need to purchase any of those items we can help, and many buyers finance them to make them more affordable.
  • Your trade - If that's part of the deal, we can give you a ballpark estimate before your visit, but we'll need the actual vehicle to complete the transaction.
  • Your sense of adventure

And that's it! If you don't have a trade or riding gear, don't worry about it, just grab your driver's license and we'll help figure out the rest. 

Riding Home on Your New Motorcycle

If you have enough experience you feel comfortable riding it home, there's not much we enjoy more than watching a satisfied customer roar off on their new Harley®. But if you're not ready for that yet, or you don't have someone to follow you home with the vehicle you took to the dealership, we can still help you get it safely stabled, in most cases the same day. We offer complimentary local deliveries on bike purchases. 

Our team will help you get your paperwork squared away. We fill out and submit bike registration documents for you to save you a trip to the local tax assessor/collector. Plates arrive within a few weeks (usually three to six) at which point we'll give you a call. You can pick them up or, if you're not local, we'll mail them to you.

After we finish paperwork, we'll walk you through everything that's unique about your make and model. If you're new to riding or new to that particular bike, we want to make sure you're comfortable with every facet before we see you on your way. We can also talk through warranty coverage and maintenance needs so you can plan for the future. 

If You're Just Starting Your Search

If you're interested in the new 2022 Harley models, you can reserve your motorcycle online and pick it up at our dealership when you click here. See currently available details by clicking on individual bikes in our showroom. Or, sort pre-owned inventory by make, model, Certified Pre-Owned status, even color. We also offer a Shop by Payment calculator.