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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021

Sometimes it can seem like the hardest people to buy for are the ones that mean the most to you. You might be looking for unique Father’s day gift ideas in 2021 because he already has plenty of ties and coffee mugs. The good news is, if the guy you want to recognize rides a Harley®, you’ll never run out of things to get him that he’ll actually want to receive, but it’s coming up fast. This year Father’s day is June 20 - here’s a list of fresh ideas to make it easy for you and happy for him.

A Dealer Back T-Shirt

Dads can always use a new, comfortable T-shirt. Dealer back tees are always in style, always comfortable. We get new ones in stock regularly. It’s an affordable gift that’s sure to be a hit. Plus, in June we have a buy one, get one half off. Either get two for him or keep one for yourself.

An H-D® Museum Hat


If your dad’s more likely to wear a button-up than a T-shirt, he might like one of the new Harley-Davidson Museum collection caps. They’re straight out of the accessories catalog from 1914, when dress caps were a “must have” in the 1910 motorcycle scene. The Willie G Skull Ivy Cap, Newsboy Cap or Bar and Shield Cap are all available for under $50.


New Riding Gloves

The insulated, heated gloves you got him for Christmas are great, but they aren’t right for Dallas motorcycle rides during summertime. The gloves he had last summer got sweaty. That’s why he’s sure to appreciate a new pair.

These fingerless gloves have perforated leather so they provide rugged protection while still allowing airflow. Without fingers, he’ll have good dexterity for working controls or texting you how great they feel. The padded palms cut down on road vibration and partial fingers protect his knuckles when needed.

Classy New Jeans

Good-looking jeans are always appreciated. A dad who rides is guaranteed to be thrilled when he opens or unwraps a pair made to fit over his riding boots. These have a modern finish with distressed detailing, back pocket embroidery and 100% cotton.


Bags for the Bike

If your dad takes road trips, he can always use extra storage capacity. We have choices that complement almost any style and budget.

  • Black Standard Line Sissy Bar/Solo Bag- This super-durable bag with black on black styling provides plenty of room for a light jacket, gloves, glasses and other personal items riders don’t want to keep up with during quick stops. Mounting loops make it easy to strap on in multiple locations and orientations.
  • HDMC Messenger Bag – If dad rides back and forth to work, this bag is perfect for a laptop and anything else that accompanies his commute.
  • Saddlebag Cooler – If your dad’s bike has saddlebags, this insulated, zippered bag fits inside to keep beverages and snacks cool. The summer heat is less oppressive when cold drinks are at your fingertips.

A Cooler Seat

Circulator Seat Pads encourage air movement and reduce the buildup of body heat where a rider touches the seat. They reduce perspiration buildup so when Dad arrives at his destination he’s still comfortable. The seat pads are easy to attach with an elastic strap, they resist UV damage and absorb road shock and motor vibration.

The Ultimate Tool Kit

Big box hardware stores all carry tools this time of year, but not like H-D’s® Premium Tool Kit. This branded set has heavy-duty tools with a lifetime warranty in a hinged case. Your dad will find pretty much everything he needs for motorcycle maintenance, and he won’t need his reading glasses to see the large size indicators in classic H-D® script.

A New Harley®

If you want to give the ultimate gift, we can help make it happen. We have the largest selection and most competitive pricing in Texas on all pre-owned inventory, with over 1,000 models to choose from. We also move mountains to secure financing. If you have no credit or bad credit, it’s not a problem. Most people qualify.

Find the Best Father’s Day Gift 2021

So, if you read through and didn’t see anything that fits, here’s what you need to do. Bring him to our Father’s Day 2021 event on June 19. Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. we’re having a bikini contest, live music, vendors and a lot of other things going on he’ll love. Plus, dads get a free $25 spend as you wish coupon just for showing up.

Take him through the store and just watch what he’s into. We have so many choices, he’s going to linger over, pick up or check the price on something that catches his eye. Then while he’s outside enjoying the entertainment, slip back in and purchase it to give him on Sunday.

We want to help you recognize the man who means so much to you. If you need help to find the perfect gift or the perfect bike, grab any associate in the store or chat online using the feature in the lower right corner of your screen.