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How to Sell a Used Harley® (For a Reasonable Price)

Are you ready for an upgrade? Did you fall hard for a new shiny? Or maybe your significant other has been after you about selling that bike that hasn't moved for the past two years. Here's how to sell a used Harley®  for a reasonable price.

Take Care of the Obvious

If your goal is to sell a used Harley® for top dollar, your bike needs to be in top shape. Before you think about listing or trading it, take an objective step back and look for obvious blemishes.

You might have forgotten about that tail light you dinged, but replacing it is an easy fix that makes your bike look well cared for. Your Harley®  doesn't have to be perfect, but if it has too many things wrong with it, it will scare people off. These are some of the things you can do to make sure your used motorcycle sale goes smoothly:

  • Replace worn brake pads
  • Replace or tension loose belts and chains
  • Buy new tires if your old ones are worn
  • If your bike is carbureted, have it cleaned and adjusted
  • Swap out a bad battery
  • Replace cracked fuel system lines
  • Wash and wax

If you haven't in a while, take your bike for a ride. That way you can make sure no issues have come up when it was parked. If it has problems either fix them before you sell or be honest and disclose them to prospective buyers.

Not Everyone Demands Perfection

Sometimes we see people who want to sell a used Harley® that isn't in such great shape. Sometimes they bought a project bike and just never got around to it. Other times they don't ride as much as they used to, the bike gathered dust for a few years, and now you're behind on maintenance and upkeep. 

If your bike needs some work and you either don't have the money or the time to mess with it, that doesn't mean it won't sell. Some people are looking for old bikes or restoration Harley-Davidson motorcycles. One of the best things about the brand is it's always iconic, no matter what the year. They're almost always worth fixing up, and there are plenty of buyers out there who love nothing better than to roll up their sleeves and get to work transforming your little-used motorcycle into a showpiece. 

Your bike doesn't have to be perfect to sell it, it just needs to be fairly priced. Then you just need to get it in front of interested parties.

Know What's a Good Price for a Used Harley®

A WheelsGeek article says Harley®  motorcycles "are a sound investment due to their ability to depreciate slower than other brands." But how do you know what your bike is worth? If you price it too high, it's just going to sit there. Price it too low, and you'll leave money on the table, money you could be putting toward your next bike. 

One of the best ways to know what your used Harley®  is worth is to use our free online tool. We'll give you a trade-in estimate in 60 seconds or less. And the tool works even if you're not trading a Harley, we can give you an estimate for Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati, Indian and all the other brands too.

Another good way to know what's a good price for a used Harley is to search what is currently on the market in your area. Watch used bikes for sale in Dallas over time so you get a feel for the price range your type of bike sells quickly. If some bikes seem not to sell, evaluate what problems or features might be scaring people off.

Set your asking price, and also mentally store away the number for the least you're willing to take. If you've already decided your bottom dollar, you're not likely to accept less on impulse or because you feel pressured. 

Gather Paperwork

If you can prove you've taken good care of your bike, buyers will feel much more comfortable forking over their dough. Gather receipts for every time you've had your oil changed or motorcycle maintenance done. If you've customized, added aftermarket parts or had performance upgrades, you should have paperwork on that too. The fact that you can provide documentation says you're organized and you stay on top of things.

Know What's Involved in Motorcycle Title Transfer

If you have a note on your bike, you'll have to settle up with your lienholder before you can transfer the title to the buyer. Call your lender to find out what is your payoff and how you'll have to handle the loan to complete the sale.

Pick the Right Venue

Sure, it's free to list your used Harley®  on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace, but that may not be the best way to get top dollar. In marketing, the best practice is to know where to find your target customer and to advertise there. 

You want an audience that knows your Harley® is worth the price you're asking, who appreciates and is willing to pay for the bike you've taken such good care of. If you've customized it, you also want people who recognize how much it costs to add aftermarket parts and upgrades. 

The Craigslist/Facebook audience is typically looking for a deal. They may be Harley®  fans, or they might just looking at motorcycles in general. 

We can afford to pay fair market value for used bikes because we do have an audience who is looking for them. Our staff also has a unique understanding of what goes into customizations and upgrades. Before you list your bike online, bring it by and see what we have to offer. Or, if you have questions about how we handle used bike transactions, get in touch using the chat/text feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.