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Top Accessories for Your New Pan America

Drool-Worthy Harley-Davidson®  Pan America Accessories & Gear

The bike by itself is amazing. Pan America is an Adventure Touring motorcycle with a new engine, new offroad capabilities, specialized equipment and many more features that allow riders to go almost anywhere, even on challenging terrain. In recent articles, we've covered frequently asked questions about Pan America and what we discovered immediately the launch event. 

Perhaps more than any previous Harley®, the Pan America™ is about the human spirit and thirst for adventure. About being a trailblazer. A bike you almost want to leave the mud on as a symbol of where you’ve been. It's powerful, versatile and capable on and off road, so you're going to want to push its limits. Let's look at accessories that can increase power, maximize your comfort, and add storage and help you go even further.

Storage Accessories for Pan America

You can't spend much time traveling to and exploring the wilderness unless you take stuff. Even if you're just going out for the day, you'll need food, water, rain gear, your tool kit, all the basics. Pan America comes from the factory with everything you need to get there, but by nature it's minimialistic. Harley wanted you to be able to add just what you need and leave everything else behind.

Aluminum Luggage for Pan America

You've probably seen photos of Pan America with the optional large aluminum luggage. The welded cases are super heavy-duty and extremely lightweight, and are available either in painted black or anodized silver. They're waterproof and tip-over tested, with six locks to keep them attached to the bike when you're racing across the desert Canyonlands and to keep the bad guys out when you park at the watering hole. 

The three cases have different carrying capacities. The right case carries 37 liters, the left is able to contain 45 liters, and the top case gives you an extra 38 liters of storage capacity. This set is primarily for riders who plan to spend a lot of time on the trail and need their luggage to stand up to heavy abuse.

Sport Side Cases for Pan America


These are for the rider who plans to do a lot of on-road riding and wants to easily be able to take luggage on and off. Either way your Pan America will have a smooth aesthetic and clean sillouhette. Side cases also are waterproof and undergo rigorous testing to make sure they protect what's inside. Each case can carry up to 22 pounds of gear and is keyed to your ignition. 

You can also purchase side case liners that are basically a heavy-duty bag that fits exactly inside your side case. When you get where you're going there's no need to unpack, just grab the bag by the handle and take the whole thing along.

Adventure Duffel Bag

Strap this roomy soft bag across the back of your bike and hit the road. It's waterproof and has plenty of exterior zippers so you can easily access compartments. Fill it full when you need to and compress it when you're traveling light. The bags come with universal mounting straps and are reflective for added safety when night riding.


Pan America Comfort Accessories

The most rewarding and remote terrain takes a while to get to, and when you're there, expect bumps and jolts. Harley's adventure tourer comes built for tough challenges, but there are things you can do to make Pan America your own.

  • Tallboy Solo Seat - For riders with a longer inseam, this seat changes your seat position and gives you a valuable extra inch of legroom.
  • Reach Solo Seat - If you aren't so tall, the Reach seat reduces seat height from stock for a better fit. You'll be better able to plant your feet at stop.
  • Tall Risers - Move the handlebars up and back so they're easier to reach for riders with shorter arms.
  • Tank Knee Pad Kit - If you do a lot of bouncing along the byways and backroads and you find yourself banging your knees on the tank, you'll probably want these self-adhesive black rubber pads to act as cushions for your knees and protection for your bike.

Armor Accessories for Pan America

This bike wasn't made to cruise around town, its soul longs to get down and dirty. However, you probably want to keep the shiny on it as long as possible, so protect it with these Pan America accessories.

Skid Plate

Keep the rock chips and debris damage to a minimum while off-road riding with this factory-designed skid plate. The heavy-duty aluminum construction won't just protect your bike, it makes it look extra-rugged.


Radiator Shield

Attach this mesh Bar and Shield Radiator Shield to the front of your bike to protect your radiator from gravel and other debris. 

80 Grit Rider Footpegs

These rugged footpegs will make you feel like you're on an old-school BMX bike with their shape and ribbing. The black anodized finish looks suitably hard core and the pegs grip the bottom of your foot for an extra layer of confidence.


Pan America Adventure Touring Gear

Okay this isn't an accessory for your bike, but it's still worth mentioning as an option to pair with your adventure touring motorcycle. H-D® teamed up with European motorcycle apparel specialist Rev’It! to design gear specially for the Pan America rider. 

The line includes a jacket, gloves, helmet, pants and everything else you need to ride and ride and ride. It's both rugged and high tech, with detachable liners, breathable shells, extreme abrasion resistance and lots of zippers and snaps everywhere you need them. 

Where to Buy Pan America Accessories

Pan America 1250 should start to become available in May 2021. We expect to be able to order Pan America accessories around the same time. Go to the front of the line by putting down your Pan America deposit today.