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Heated Grips and Heated Seats for Harley® – A Buyer’s Guide

Texas really only has two types of weather – melt your face off hot and humid, or cold and damp. It also has some of the most beautiful places on earth to ride a Harley-Davidson®. Staying comfortable on the road is a challenge, and having the right gear makes all the difference. Heated grips and heated seats for Harley® make riding comfortable even on the coldest days.

Heated Grips and Heated Seats vs. Cold Weather Gear

You might be wondering if you’re better off buying heated gloves, a heated jacket and heated riding pants. Depending on the brand you buy, it might cost a little less than installing heated grips and a heated seat on your Harley. Really, it depends on how cold you are and how often you want to ride in the winter.

The heated grips vs. heated gloves debate has been around since both items were invented. Grips are always present, and they provide instant heat. Gloves keep both sides of your hand warm, but they’re bulky. Plus, if they’re the kind you plug in to your bike, some riders complain about the cords. 

However, if you sell your bike you can keep your gloves, so that’s a plus. If you ride a lot in the cold and you can afford it, the best (and warmest) solution is to use both.

The same could be said for using a heated seat vs. wearing heated pants. Both keep your rear end warm, but the seat is always present when you need it. If the temperature drops while you’re at work or on your weekend road trip, you won’t shiver all the way home because you forgot to pack your heated gear.

Heated Grips for Harley® Benefits

When you read forum discussions about heated grips for Harley®, riders seem to fall into two camps. One group is basically screaming, “When I was your age, we didn’t need sissy gear like that, and back then we had real cold. Man up, chop some wood and quit spending money on stuff you should be tough enough to do without.” The other group replies, “Actually, I ride a lot in cold weather and this will make me more comfortable, why would I want to grit my teeth and struggle through when I could be enjoying the journey?”

The thing is, when you ride in the cold your hands and fingers are going to be the first part of your body to get chilled. It doesn’t even have to be below freezing, if it’s in the 50s you can still start to feel numbness and pain. That feeling distracts you from the road, so it becomes a safety issue. 

Instead of watching the traffic you’re thinking “Damn it’s cold, when is this ride going to be over?” You feel like your knuckles freeze to your handlebars, and that tension creeps up your arms into your shoulders and torso. 

Heated grips for Harley mean your hands stay warm. Your arms are relaxed, your mind is on the road. If the ride turns out to be longer than you expected, you spend the entire time in control and distraction free. On only mildly cold days you can skip gloves altogether and have improved dexterity for controls and touch screens.

What About Heated Seats for Harley®? 

If you have heated seats in your car think about how much more comfortable they make driving on cold days. And that’s in an enclosed, climate-controlled space. Heated seats for Harley® are even more of a game changer. And, like heated grips, a heated seat will always be there when you need it. You don’t have to put on extra gear or charge batteries to ride in the cold.

Getting The Most Out of Heated Motorcycle Gear

Whether you invest in heated clothing or heated grips and seats, these tips can help you get the most out of your purchase.

  • Stay dry. If it’s raining, you aren’t just fighting the cold, you’ll need a way to keep from getting soaked. Keep waterproof gloves and rain gear close.
  • Think layers. Most gear has multiple temperature settings, but it also helps to be able to adjust clothing to regulate your body temperature.
  • Have professional installation. Most motorcycle electrical systems can handle the extra load that comes with heated grips and heated seats, but it’s best to let a pro handle the install. Some heated grips require additional components for fitment depending on your bike and your handlebars.

Heated Grips for Harley® and Heated Seats for Harley® Pricing

If you’re interested in heated grips or a heated seat for your Harley®, we can help you find the right options for your bike. Let the guys in our service department know your year, make and model and any changes you’ve made from stock and we can get in touch to provide pricing. But do it soon, because for the month of January we’re offering 10 percent offheated grips for Harley® and heated seats for Harley®.