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What We Know About Harley's New Adventure Bike Pan America™

Last year Harley® started releasing new models the likes of which the world has never seen before. LiveWire and FXDR are taking the nation by storm, and the release of a new sportbike and a new adventure motorcycle are right around the corner. Pan America™ was recently unveiled in its finished form, and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere have been scrambling to find out more. Here are some of the details.

What We Know from Pan America™ Previews

The Harley-Davidson website says Pan America is "equal parts campfire, wanderlust and grit." Detailed specs aren't available, but the photos there more than hint at the following:

It’s tough -  Images of an airborne offroad rider show the power and pep riders can expect even on dirt trails from Pan America’s™ 1,250 cc 60 degree V-twin. The 140 horses and 90+ pound-feet of torque let you blast through, leap over or swerve around anything that dares get in your way.


Pan America™ is heavy-duty, and just plain heavy - Expect it to weigh in at an estimated 500 lbs or more. A powerful Harley motor, saddlebags and XL gas tanks all add up to a hefty bike.


It’s stylish -  Pan America™ is incredibly functional, but it also has sporty good looks

It's extremely versatile - Pan America's electronic suspension is built to handle off-road abuse, but also ride and respond on asphalt. It's height-adjustable windscreen is as much for long road trips as keeping the mud off. The skid-plate protected liquid-cooled Revolution Max engine knows no limits. Pan America’s high exhaust is elevated to navigate rocky or slushy terrain. Radiator guards will come standard.

Not just for trips to the coffee shop - This bike is meant to be taken where no Harley has gone before. LED headlights and daytime running lights illuminate your path and make you visible no matter how dark the road or the trail.


Pan America comes™ with high-end everything - Brembo Monobloc radial calipers in front with herculean 320 mm disks and Michelin tires on spoke rims for starters.

Expect extreme storage capacity – Heavy-duty storage compartments have room for your camping and hiking gear, off-road supplies and more.

Pan America™ delivers unique innovations for rider comfort - If you’re remembering what your dirt bike felt like, Pan America won’t feel anything like that. Harley is outfitting the adventure bike with a seat built for shock absorption and support, so your tailbone and spine are cushioned from bumps and jolts. The frame and handlebars are built for rider ergonomics. In other words, your hands, arms, shoulders, spine and hips stay in a neutral position to reduce fatigue.

Why You Need a Pan America™ Adventure Bike

There’s no official word yet on what Pan America will cost, but just looking at what it offers and pricing on other new models, one gets the idea MSRP will be in line with other recent releases. So, if you’re in the market for a new Harley® in the year ahead, what makes an adventure bike a good choice? We’ll give you not one good reason, but four.

Pan America™ Embodies The Harley Lifestyle

One of the principles Harley® riders hold most sacred is the freedom to choose their own path. Whatever your choices, they are yours alone. Harley® riders are constantly pushing boundaries, testing their abilities, defying restrictions and finding new ways to reach their goals. Pan America lets you do just that. You’re no longer limited by pavement. Instead, ride anywhere you have the courage to go.

Unbeatable Comfort

Until now, touring bikes have been the only comfortable option with maximum storage. If you’re going on a long trip, you don’t choose the lighter, more maneuverable models. If you want high-end entertainment and roomy storage, your best choices are touring bikes, CVO models or trikes. If you’re staying on the pavement, those bikes are still going to be your best option – an offroad adventure motorcycle is never going to give you the Cadillac ride of CVO or Tri-Glide. That being said, Pan America gives you a comfortable ride and massive amounts of storage wherever you want to go, and it’s just as easy to hit the trail as it is to take the freeway.

Adventure on Tap

How many times have you seen a dirt trail meandering away from the road and wondered where it might take you? With Pan America™, you can find out.

The ultimate adrenaline rush doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over again. Adventure doesn’t happen when you color in the lines and stay on the yellow brick road. Pan America™ frees you to pursue unexpected experiences. Whether you’re riding around Dallas or taking a trip to Sturgis, you can be spontaneous. 

And when you leave the pavement on Pan America™, you can count on its ruggedness and durability. You don’t have to worry about your bike, you’re free to focus on the view. It’s built to thrill on punishing trails, with the high-quality materials Harley is known for. 

Bragging Rights

Ask anyone, anywhere in the world what they feel is the most recognizable, most desireable motorcycle brand and they'll say Harley-Davidson. No matter what year or what model you're talking about, you have bragging rights just by way of ownership. Pan America™ brings that, but adventure bike owners will be in an even more rare, select group. The stories you tell will be of mountains climbed, of views other riders could never reach, of new heights attained and new trails blazed.

Pan America™ is scheduled to be available for purchase in late 2020. Stay in the loop about all things Harley® when you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.