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Why Shop Dallas Harley-Davidson® Christmas 2020

Some people love driving all over town and combing through dozens of websites to find a gift for everyone on their list. Others would rather have that time to enjoy what might be the best time of year for motorcycling in the DFW area. Whether you love to shop and want to make sure you’ve seen the best of the best, or you want to knock it all out in one place, we’ve got a number of reasons you should shop Dallas Harley-Davidson® Christmas 2020.

Keep Your Money in Your Community

Let’s say you buy someone on your list a motorcycle jacket on Amazon, your motorcycle goggles from Wiley X, and some bike accessories directly from H-D®. Your stuff arrives, hopefully it’s as described and all in one piece, and you give it to a very lucky recipient. However, the money you spent goes to big companies far away who are unlikely to invest in ways that benefit you or your community.

You could have gotten all three items at Dallas Harley-Davidson®, where we carry a wide selection of riding jackets, motorcycle goggles, motorcycle customization accessories and everything else your biker has on his or her list. You would have been able to physically see and touch the items you’re considering to verify their quality construction. There’s no danger of damage during shipping, no minimum purchase. And while we wish you didn’t have to pay sales tax at all, if you have to do it, wouldn’t you rather it go toward programs and projects in your state?

And the biggest difference is, Dallas Harley-Davidson® invests in the community. We donate and hold fundraising events for groups aimed at improving education, medical research and children’s needs, just to name a few. When you shop here, some of what you spend goes toward making our community a better place instead of just into a corporate bank account.

Unique Custom Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

Even a stock Harley® is iconic, but most people want to upgrade and alter their ride so it’s an expression of their style and taste, and to make it more suited to the type of riding they prefer. Some riders want to optimize performance. Others do go on a lot of long rides so their concern is comfort or storage. We do all of that at Dallas Harley-Davidson®, and we have a reputation for doing it better than anyone else in the area.

When people come into our dealership, they say the unique custom motorcycles we have in our showroom are one of their favorite reasons to shop Dallas Harley-Davidson®. Whether you’re in the market or not, there’s nothing like seeing one of these bikes in person. Shop here for Christmas eye candy.

Support Local Jobs

When you shop at your local Harley® shop, you don’t just invest in your community. You also support local jobs. We employ recent high school graduates who want to learn retail and customer service from the ground up and tech school graduates who want to work under some of the best motorcycle mechanics in the industry. 

We also hire military veterans, public sector retirees, former medical experts, computer techs, and any other applicants who want to work hard and advance their careers. When you shop Dallas Harley-Davidson® this Christmas, you provide job security for people you know.

Help Those Less Fortunate

At Christmas we’re especially aware of those who are suffering or in poverty. Dallas Harley-Davidson® holds fundraising events year-round to provide relief. Our Teddy Bear Ride supports an organization that rescues child victims of abandonment or neglect. Our Toys for Tots ride gathers gifts for children who might otherwise not receive them. Throughout the year we also hold events that benefit those in need.

Access H-D® Experts

When you shop Dallas Harley-Davidson® you meet a team of people who know pretty much everything there is to know about all things Harley. Whether you need to know how to choose the best motorcycle helmet, you have questions about something related to Harley-Davidson® history, you want the right bike for your frame, or you need a gift for a Harley lover and you don’t know what to buy, there’s someone here who can get you answers fast. And we’re here whenever you need us by phone, online contact form, chat or social media.

Make Garland a Destination

People drive from several states away to buy Dallas Harley-Davidson® bikes. They do so because our customers leave us great reviews and our reputation speaks for itself. Dollar spent at our store stimulate the Garland economy. Plus when people in other places see our bikes and merchandise, many of them make the drive to buy their own.

Social Distancing Shopping Options

We know not everyone is comfortable inside major retailers right now, and we completely understand. If you need a gift for someone on your list, we can get it for you without you having to come inside. Here are a few of your options:

  • If you know what you want, call the store and an associate can locate it for you and make arrangements to bring it to your vehicle. We’ll even gift wrap it for you.
  • If you just know a product category (like riding jackets, riding boots or H-D jewelry), get in touch and we can make suggestions. We can even text photos of items to help you make decisions.
  • If you see something you like at the H-D® online store but want to pick it up locally, there’s a good chance we have it in store. Give us a call with the item name or part number and we’ll locate it for you.

To take advantage of one of those options, use the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen or call 972-270-3962.