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Mother's Day 2019 is May 12, and that's right around the corner. It always seems to sneak up, then there's this mad rush to figure out what to do. We've got you covered wth Mother's Day gift ideas for women who love motorcycles.

Every motorcycle enthusiast would enjoy a new Harley-Davidson® for Mother's Day. If that's in your budget, stop by and let her take a test rideand we'll help you make it happen. If that's not what you have in mind, check out these Mother's Day gift ideas.


We have new styles fresh for Mother's Day! Get her a pair with transitional lenses so she can wear the same pair when she rides during the day or at night. Ask in store about our partially polarized lenses. Your mom will love these because it reduces the glare or rainbow effect she sometimes gets off her helmet visor while improving visibility and contrast. If she wears prescription glasses, we can get sunglasses in her prescription.

Get her a pair of these and you're not just gifting something that will make her look stylish. Light adjusting Wylie-X sunglasses are a great Mother's Day gift idea because they'll make her more able to see differences in road surfaces. Your gift could improve her safety when she rides.


If your mom is set on bike accessories and riding gear, swing by our Garland Texas motorcycle dealership and pick up one of our free catalogs full of Harley® for your home items. Page through with siblings and your dad to brainstorm what items she might want most. There are a lot to choose from, but here are a few you can pick up in our store:

  • H-D® Oil Can Party Lights - It's the time of year for backyard barbecues and relaxing on the patio. Crank up the fun with these string lights in orange and white.
  • Harley® Tervis tumblers - Tervis has made the best tumblers probably since your mom was a kid. Stop by to grab one she'll love with the H-D® logo, insulated walls and a lid. Toss in an H-D® Stainless Steel Ice Cube set for reusable cubes that keep drinks cold without watering them down.
  • Home decor - Harley® clocks, frames and other decor aren't just for man caves. We've got some your motorcycle enthusiast mom will love.

If you see items in the catalog we don't have in stock, we can always order them, just talk to a store associate.


Dallas is humid, and the temperatures are about to skyrocket. Our mesh riding jackets provide cooling airflow to get her through the warm weather months. Many also have a Teflon coating to help repel dirt, body armor at the elbows, shoulders and back and other features to make riding more comfortable.


If your mom rides and you're looking for Mother's Day gift ideas, you can't go wrong with a pair of riding boots. It doesn't matter if she already has some. Just come by and pick out the pair that most suits her style. Right now we're loving the Women's Aldale Waterproof Performance Boots and the shorter, metal-studded Wexford Boots.




A full face helmet is great for cold, rainy days. A half helmet still protects mom's head, but it lets more air flow around her face and neck. Our Paramount Sun Shield half helmet is pretty flashy with glitter flake and polished black. It comes with a retractable sun shield that deploys quickly and easily.



Get her a Pink Label Leopard Accent headwrap. She'll love it, we promise. Or, if she tends to shy away from pink, grab one of our Studded Bar and Shield Headwraps. We've got a huge assortment, so you're sure to find something that exactly matches her personality. They're all in the $15 to $20 range, so they're great if you need an inexpensive or add-on present.



If you've read the above list and you're still not sure which item she'd like, here's what you should do.

Friday, May 10 let her know you're taking her somewhere to celebrate the next day. Saturday morning pick her up and bring her to our Garland Texas Mother's Day event. If your mom has grandchildren, bring them or encourage them to meet you there for a celebration you'll all be talking about for years. 

Get here by 11:30 so you don't miss a free lunch. First, register to win our Mother's Day gift basket. Then, Gentle Zoo is going to be here with some of their adorable brood. Take your mom and the kids through for some incredible photo ops.

Next, encourage your mom to participate in the virtual fashion show for two reasons. First, you'll find gift ideas she likes and looks great in, and you'll know what size to buy. Second, it qualifies her to win a $200 in store shopping spree.

To have the best chance of winning, layer on everything you can find that looks good together. Don't let her just try on a T-shirt. Look at scarves, head wraps, boots and other accessories. Take your own photo so you remember how she looked when you come back later.

If you give us a heads up, we can set aside for you the items she actually tried on. Then you can swing back by later to pick up a gift to give her Sunday. If she doesn't care about surprises, you can purchase it while you're there and take her home happy.

While you're here with your mom, it's a good time to take notes for future gifts. Most our customers say when they shop at Dallas Harley-Davidson® in Garland Texas their wish list is much bigger than their budget. Moms are no exception. You're probably researching Mother's Day gift ideas because your mom isn't easy to buy for. If you note what she likes, you might be covered for this year's birthday and Christmas ideas too.

If you want to go all out, we can help you arrange a motorcycle gift surprise. Get in touch to find out more.