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All the gear and accessories you buy for your bike matter, but your helmet choice could literally make the difference between life and death. You want the best motorcycle helmet for safety, but that’s not all that goes into the decision.

Right now motorcycle helmets are lighter and more high tech than ever before. The best motorcycle helmet also makes a statement about your personal style. The right motorcycle helmet for you protects you in Dallas traffic and keeps you comfortable on long rides across the country. 

At Dallas Harley-Davidson® in Garland Texas, we have a pretty amazing deal on helmets this April. Bring in your old one and trade it for $50 off a new helmet all month long. Before you head this way, check out our guide so you’re ready to choose the best motorcycle helmet for you.


A good helmet costs money. The first time I bought a helmet, the price tag made me cringe, but I took another rider’s advice. “If you have a $10 grape,” he said, “Buy a $10 helmet.” I need my brain to make a living, so I did my research and bought a Shoei that got me a long way.

Nobody wants to shell out that kind of change if they don’t have to, so when do you need a new helmet? Here’s what the experts say.

Buy a New Motorcycle Helmet After an Accident

If you get in a crash, if any part of your helmet hit the ground, replace it. It probably just protected you from a serious head injury, and you can’t see what damage the impact did to your helmet’s insides.

Helmets are made in layers to disperse impact force. You may not see anything on the hard outer shell, but there could be issues with the interior. Don’t take chances. Buy a new one.

What if You Drop It?

You don’t have to buy a new helmet just because you drop your current one. If it hits the concrete from three feet off the ground you’re not going to be happy about the scratches, but you probably didn’t break anything. That’s much different from hitting the asphalt going 50+ mph. 

Even if you don’t experience any sort of impact, it’s still a good idea to replace your helmet every 2-5 years. If you’re not sure when you bought yours, check the chin strap or label for the manufacture date.


Don’t pick a helmet just because you love the graphics, then deal with the wrong fit for years. Getting the right motorcycle helmet fit keeps you safe and optimizes comfort. No matter what you ride or what type of helmet you’re getting, it helps to measure first. Obtain or borrow a flexible tape like seamstresses use. 

First, measure your head about where the edge of a baseball cap would fit. Start at your forehead, stretch the tape above your ears, around the back of your head and back to the starting point. 

Then, look at the manufacturer’s sizing chart for the helmet you’re thinking about buying. Try on the one that fits your head’s circumference.

You shouldn’t feel pinched or squeezed anywhere on your head. However, if it’s a full face helmet, it should be pressing against your cheeks.

If the helmet seems to be pinching at the back of our skull, at the forehead or another area, it might be because of the shape of your head. Try other helmet types with the same circumference to find one that’s the right shape. We can help you with this process.

Don’t buy a helmet that fits your glasses, buy glasses that fit your helmet. Also, don’t sacrifice a snug fit so you have room to eat, drink or smoke. 

Some people think they need a size up because their head sweats. In the Dallas summertime, your head will be hot no matter what size helmet you wear. 


Once you know your size, choose a helmet you love. Here are some of the best motorcycle helmets in 2019. We've provided a few links to manufacturer pages so you can read all the details, and each page urges you to find a dealer. Dallas Harley-Davidson® in Garland already carries these brands.

Shoei Neotec 2 – Shoe is known for being top-of-the-line when it comes to safety and performance. This touring helmet has an aerodynamic shell design, a flip up face cover and face shield, a sun shield system that blocks 99% of UV rays and one of the best ventilation systems available. It also has new Noise Isolator cheek pads for reduced road noise and an enhanced shell shape to quiet things down. We also like the Shoei Neotec 2 Excursion helmets and Splicer helmets.

HJC Rapha 70 – This is one of the best motorcycle helmets because of its versatility. It’s a full face helmet as suitable for your daily commute as your summer road trip. It’s light and comfortable with an integrated, anti-fog coated sunshield.

H-D Moto/Myer JO8 Modular Helmet – If your helmet makes you claustrophobic, try on one of these. The face shield creates a round “bubble” silhouette for more efficient cooling and a spacious feel.

Bell Eliminator – This is a new model for Bell. It has a polycarbonate/ABS shell and edgy graphics. Riders like the Transition visor, contoured cheek pads and washable, anti-bacterial lining.

Aria Signet-X Helmet – This one also has a high-performance ventilation system with gigantic inlet and exhaust ports. The manufacturer did a great job of making these easy to open with one hand, even when you’re wearing thick gloves. The helmet’s interior liner system is constructed from Eco Pure material that has antibacterial properties and keeps skin acidity down, even when your face sweats.

Choosing the best motorcycle helmet is personal. We’ve listed a few of our favorites, but helmets are like motorcycles – you really need to test several to find what you like best.

When you come by the dealership, we’ll test your old helmet to see if it’s still providing adequate protection. We’ll also provide a free helmet fitting. Come see us this month and we’ll give you $50 toward a new one in exchange for your old.