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There's just something about the Softail® family that turns riders into committed devotees. All Harley® riders get pretty attached to their bikes, but Heritage Classic seems to inspire a special kind of enthusiasm. 

Harley produced the FXST Softail® in 1984 and it was an instant success. In 1986, the Heritage became available. We covered the history in Your Ultimate Guide to the Harley-Davidson® Softail. The bikes looked like the rigid-based choppers of the 70's, but without the painful ride. Since then, the Softail® has remained an integral part of Harley-Davidson's® family of models. The family has gotten bigger, but Heritage Classic stays just as popular as it was in the beginning.


Over the years as technology has improved, Harley® upgraded Heritage Classic with belts instead of chains, fatter tires, the smooth-running Twin Cam and other components. However, the basic concept and style haven't changed much. Harley® started with a bike designed and built like it should be. There's no change just for the sake of change.

That being said, Harley® made some major upgrades to the Softail platforms in 2018. The bike got a brand new frame chassis, redesigned from the ground up. Before the bike had two shocks horizontally mounted beneath the frame. Now it has a mono-shock underneath the seat and the entire frame is lighter and stiffer. Heritage Classic also got the Milwaukee-Eight Engine in 2018. You have the option of buying a 114 from the factory or the regular 107. 

Plus, the Showa Dual Bending Valve fork makes for an unbelievably smooth ride. Signature LED forward lighting improves night time visibility. When you're touring, the windscreen improves comfort and reduces fatigue, but it detaches in seconds for a more streamlined look.

Harley® says the redesigned Heritage Classic comes "from the shady side of the family tree." With its blacked-out lights, fork, motor and windscreen it definitely has a sinister vibe. It's no longer a nod to 50s chrome nostalgia, but it maintains a laid back look overall that goes back to its rock-and-roll roots.


A lot of Dallas riders use Softail® Heritage Classic for touring and say the bike is very comfortable for the long haul. For many it feels more nimble and sporty than a true touring bike. It's also lighter, so there's better gas mileage and acceleration. Obviously, they're not as big and robust and they don't have the storage of a touring bike, but they can be a great middle ground for riders who want to both long-haul comfort and short trip agility.

Heritage Classic has a great sound, and it's an extremely smooth feeling bike. It's the cruising bike of the Softail family. It's especially preferred by taller riders. Currently cruise control comes standard.


Heritage Classic still has a retro 70's look to it, and that's one of the things Dallas riders love. It's known for its touring accessories. Whether you're going for a short ride around the Dallas area or a long ride across the nation, you've got room for whatever you need to carry. Heritage Classic has hard sided bags that are roomy, lockable and water-resistant. Also, they open with one touch. If you're going to be on the road a while, add a premium touring bag and premium backrests for rider and passenger.


Heritage Classic looks, handles and sounds amazing straight from the factory, but where's the fun in leaving well enough alone. If you spend a lot of time on the open road, Apes from Harley can help keep your back straight and arms level for less fatigue. Street Cannon Mufflers are a performance stage upgrade. They amp up the sound so distracted Dallas drivers hear you coming.

As far as looks go, Harley® offers Kahuna, H-D® Motor Co. Black, Dominion Black and Willie G Skull Black collections that all look great if your bike has the 2018 blacked out look, with plenty of chrome options for earlier years. Browse collections online or stop by our Garland motorcycle dealership and we'll walk you through your options. And if you're thinking about custom paint, did you see the video on Lokey's Pinstriping on our Facebook page?


The 2018 and 2019 Softail® Heritage Classic comes in Rawhide, Vivid Black and two-tone options Wicked Red/Twisted Cherry or Billiard Blue/Billiard White. The 114 has additional Silver Flux/Black Fuse, Kinetic Green and Rawhide/Vivid Black. Check them out online, then schedule your test ride when you click this link.


If you're looking for a used Heritage Classic for sale in the DFW area, visit our Garland motorcycle dealership. At the time this article is being written, here are a few of the ones in our store.

2018 Heritage Softail Classic FLHC - Check out this pre-owned bike in Twisted Cherry!

2018 Heritage softail classic2018 Heritage Softail Classic

2018 Heritage Classic in Vivid Black - Click the link for a video walk around!

Heritage Classic Garland Tx2018 Heritage Classic