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motorcycle rider new years resolutions 2019

Did you make a New Year's resolution in 2019? If you didn't it's probably because you wanted to avoid the cycle. You've been around long enough to know if you haven't learned to like kale and burpees, you're probably not going to start now. If you have a favorite beverage, it's your favorite for a reason. Drinking less of it sucks the fun out of things. 

If you ride a Harley-Davidson®, that falls under the heading of things you love to do. New Year's resolutions are about how to better yourself, to make the year ahead happier than the one behind. Resolutions for motorcycle riders just make sense. 

They actually will improve your mood and give you a sense of inner peace. Riding a motorcycle burns less gas than driving a car, so you're saving the planet and keeping more cash in your wallet. Plus, you're more physically active on a bike than in a car, so there's your exercise. Check out these 2019 resolutions for motorcycle riders you'll have no problem sticking to.


This time of year, your Harley® spends more days in the garage. It's wet and cold, we get it. Ride more by joining us for one of the events we have coming up. Join the Dallas H.O.G. group to find a supportive group of people who ride regularly.

If you're a relatively new rider and bad weather makes you nervous, the only way to learn is to get out in it. Talk to one of our staff about safety equipment that makes you more visible and keeps you dry and warm, then make a point of getting out on days when it's drizzling and the Dallas pavement is wet.


If you've been dreaming of that bike upgrade, start this year big. Be your best self. Check out our 2019 Harley-Davidsons® online to pick out exactly what you're looking for. Also, It's one of the best times of the year to buy a used Harley® with our sales event going on through January 31. A new bike would actually help with resolution #1. You'll ride more once you have the Harley® you've always wanted.

When people hold off on living their dreams, we usually find it's the price that's holding them back. Up to 70 percent of motorcyclists finance their purchase, and we offer some of the best financing in the industry. We have unique relationships with lenders, so we can work with you even if you have bad credit. You can even fill out a credit application online before you come in.


Maybe you rode dirt bikes as a kid and you've been meaning to get your motorcycle license. Or you could have been riding for years, but you want to improve your skills. We work with Go Motorcycle Training for high quality motorcycle training courses. They'll help you at every level from beginner to advanced. Plus, taking the course will save you money on your motorcycle insurance (saving money again, ha!)


This one is easy. If you have the new BOOM™ Box infotainment when you input your destination just select the alternate route option for a scenic or windy road. If not, Google scenic Texas rides and make a point of taking one a month. 

On your daily commute, unwind by taking that side road you've been wondering about. Spend Saturday mornings cruising neighborhoods around Garland, Mesquite, Richardson and Rowlett.


You probably have plenty of friends and family members who don't understand why you love Harley® so much. Encourage them to find out for themselves. 

This one's an easy resolution to keep too, because you get to talk about what you love. Take the children you know for a quick ride around the block. They'll love it, you'll feel good and you'll instill Harley® love in the next generation of riders. Educate adults you know on the benefits of riding and the learning process. 


Okay, if you've been meaning to save more money, why not save it for a good cause? You've been talking about a custom mod for years now, why not make it happen? Make 2019 the time you walk the walk. Talk to our service department, we can help.