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We've had several rainy days in a row in the Sunnyvale, Heath and DFW area, and there are more in the forecast. Some people think a sprinkle means you have to park your bike in the garage, but at our Garland dealership, some of us have a Harley-Davidson® as our daily driver. Wet Dallas pavement presents challenges when it comes to traction and maneuverability. That doesn't mean you have to leave your bike at home.


Dallas drivers act like they can't see you when it's sunny out. You definitely don't want to expect them to pay better attention when their windshield wipers are crappy and their tires are sliding around on the road. 

Everything turns gray when it rains. No matter how flashy your bike is, put extra thought into standing out. Wear reflective items or brightly colored clothes. 

Think about your own vision also. Swap your dark tinted visor for one that's yellow or clear. Treat it with anti-fog. Open your vents or crack it for improved ventilation.


Keep yourself dry with the right clothing, gloves and boots. FXRG has waterproof leather that keeps out the elements and waterproof textile fabric that's lightweight, waterproof, windproof and abrasion resistant. They don't just make jackets, they also produce leather and textile overpants that keep you covered and dry from head to toe. 

Your hands are the first part of your body that comes in contact with the rain and wind. You need your fine motor skills to operate controls, so wear waterproof gloves. Come see us in MotorClothes® and we'll help you find what you need.


In our article on motorcycle camping and long road trips, Dallas H.O.G. safety officer Michael Savage explained how Harley-Davidson® tires are built to handle wet roads as long as your tires are good. When the pavement gets slick you can still ride, you just need to make a few adjustments. (If you're not sure about your tires, we'll measure your tread. Click here to find out how to tell if your motorcycle needs new tires.)

Do everything a little more gradually. Go easy on the throttle. Brake sooner and more incrementally than you do when the road is dry. Slow down on turns to decrease your lean angle. Allow more room between you and everyone else on the road. Just because you use your brain doesn't mean they will.

Watch out at intersections. There's a greater concentration of oil on pavement where cars come to a stop, so they'll be extra slick. 

Look for a dry line. Car tires move water out of the road. You don't have to ride right in the middle. Take advantage of areas water has already been displaced. Avoid standing water and manhole covers.

Riding in the rain can be fun when you have the right gear, and we have it all at Dallas Harley-Davidson®. Come see us for brand new 2019 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles or shop our pre-owned Harleys® today.