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Recently we went to the Dealer Show in San Diego, and eye-popping, jaw-dropping Harleys® were everywhere. It's always an incredible moment when the manufacturer reveals the next year's models. Then we get to do what we really want, which is walk around the showroom and stare. The 2019 CVO™Road Glide® is one of our most popular models here in Garland. We brought back information to help you decide what bike is right for you.


There's just no bike like a CVO™. A lot of people don't know it, but CVO™ stands for custom vehicle operation. Whether you buy a Street Glide®, Road Glide® or Limited®, you get a premium, top-end bagger that's better than anything offered by any other manufacturer, no matter where on the globe they operate. 

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This year the Road Glide® comes in these three color schemes:

  • Red pepper and Magnetic Gray with Black Hole
  • Lightning Silver and Charred Steel
  • Mako Shark Fade

All three are stunning. Personal preference will dictate which one is your favorite.

Red Pepper and Magnetic Gray with Black Hole is just how it sounds. The bike has spicy crimson on the fairing, saddlebags and other areas but is predominantly a metallic pewter. H-D® kept the rear fascia that has been so popular in previous years, with roomy saddlebags that hug the exhaust toward the ground and have a CVO graphic. Another graphic is the race-inspired “1” on the side of the tank right next to the heavy breather intake. This bike and those in Mako Shark Fade have blacked out machinery with subtle hints of chrome.

Lightning Silver and Charred Steel is chromed out instead of blacked out like the other two. Exhaust, engine covers, forks, handlebars and grips are all chrome, so if that's your preference this will probably be your pick. On this bike the fairing spoiler stretches from the fairing base to the oil cooler. It too has the custom "1" graphic on the tank.

Mako Shark Fade has a different look. Instead of the custom one graphic, this bike has a subtle barn shield outline. The paint fades from a blue so deep it’s almost black at the top to a deep ocean blue near the ground. The light flows across it so the colors look different from every angle and it’s impossible to see where the change actually occurs. It’s stunning, and the paint name pairs well with the shark nose fairing. It has subtle orange highlights on the box cover, side badge and passenger pegs.

Both 2018 and 2019 CVO™Road Glides® come with the knockout wheel kit, a 21 inch wheel. Mako Shark Fade and Red Pepper and Magnetic Gray have blacked out wheels and of course Lightning Silver has wheels dripping with chrome.


CVO™ is the only bike with the Milwaukee Eight® 117 engine, Harley’s® most powerful factory-offered V-twin ever. It's rated at up to 125 ft. lbs. of torque and has the largest engine displacement H-D® has ever offered from the factory.


Every 2019 H-D® that comes with an infotainment system includes the brand new GTS system. It has new software and a screen made with Gorilla Glass. Road King's stereo system has four speakers and 200 watts.


Here's what else you'll get when you buy a new CVO™Road Glide® near Dallas:

  • CVO key fob for remotely locking and unlocking saddlebags.
  • Wireless headset links you to your infotainment system for voice commands and wireless calling.
  • Free 1-year membership to Harley-Davidson® museum in Milwaukee

CVO is the best, but don't take our word for it, see for yourself. Shop our online inventory or stop by our Garland dealership today.