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Taking Deposits on LiveWire in Garland Texas

This is one moment you don't want to miss. LiveWire™ is coming to Dallas, Texas and there will be an instant when motorcycle riding in the area changes forever. Bring your deposit and let's make history.

HD LiveWire Garland Tx

LiveWire™ is Coming to Garland Tx

A new thrill is coming to the Dallas area, and you could be among the first to experience it. Pre-order LiveWire™ at Harley-Davidson® of Dallas in Garland, Texas. 

Call 972.279.3962 and ask for sales manager Lance Orzo to make sure you don't miss out on your chance to experience history in the making.

Not All Harley® Dealerships Will Receive LiveWire™

You won't be able to walk into just any Harley-Davidson® dealership and buy LiveWire™. From the beginning Harley® set strict standards for what it takes to be among the first. 

In order for a Harley-Davidson® dealer to carry LiveWire™ our Garland Texas dealership had to meet a long list of requirements, the most important of which included installing DC fast charging on-site. We also trained a dedicated group of LiveWire sales representatives. 

When Harley announced the requirements, it created a frenzy. Motorcycle dealerships couldn't wait to get their hands on this bike. Everyone wanted to be among the first. Our Garland, Texas Harley-Davidson® dealership is honored to be one of the select motorcycle dealers chosen to become an authorized LiveWire™ dealer.

LiveWire Garland Tx

Don't Wait to Place Your LiveWire™ Deposit

In case you haven't heard this isn't just a new Harley, it's a phenomenon that will change Dallas Texas forever. Here are just a few reasons we're so excited to get our hands on the first of these electric motorcycles.

No gas required -- LiveWire's™ cutting-edge battery provides incredible acceleration, and it can go more than 100 miles on a single charge. You never have to worry about stopping for gas and you can easily make it anywhere in the Dallas area.

Surge from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds -- There's no clutch. You just twist the throttle and experience a power surge you won't believe. LiveWire is so powerful it comes with settings to dial things back if you're a new rider just learning.

H-D Revelation™ PowerTrain --This permanent magnet electric motor cranks out 100 percent of its torque on demand. There's no wait. Your bike just takes off and leaves everyone else in the dust.

Charging is easy wherever you are -- You can plug in to a Level 3 DC Fast Charge station, but you can also plug your LiveWire™ motorcycle into any wall outlet. 

H-D Connect Service -- Connect to your bike remotely through your smart phone using Harley's app. See if your battery is charged when you're in a work meeting or receive alerts if someone is messing with it.

Your LiveWire™ Questions Answered

When can I get my LiveWire™ if I pre-order now?

Harley plans to make LiveWire™ available in select North America dealerships in the fall. If you place a deposit on LiveWire™ now, you go straight to the head of the line.

What colors will LiveWire™ come in?

LiveWire™ comes in Vivid Black and two exclusive paint colors we've never seen before. Yellow Fuse and Orange Fuse both have the look of anodized metal with a futuristic jolt of color.

How does H-D Connect Work?

This technology links you to your motorcycle. Keep up with your vehicle health and monitor where it is on the map. You can also set up reminders for vehicle service and search for fast charging stations. Subscription is free for the first year. After that, your bike will work the same if you choose not to subscribe, you just won't be able to take advantage of H-D Connect's features.

What does LiveWire™ sound like? 

Some compare the sound to that of a jet engine. It's totally different from the usual Harley rumble, but this machine is something completely new. Be among the first to hear it live when you put down your deposit today.

How do I put down a LiveWire™ deposit again?

Call 972.279.3962 and ask for Lance Orzo. He'll talk you through the rest.