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News: Rockford Fosgate Releases New Audio Kits for H-D®

No matter who you are, how old you are or what you ride, the experience is amplified when you can play your favorite music and get top notch audio. Here at Dallas Harley-Davidson® we install and offer frequent specials on Rockford Fosgate, because our customers say time and again that their products are the best. The industry leader just released new 800-watt sound system kits for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles we think you're going to love.

Why Rockford Fosgate?

The Harley-Davidson® lifestyle is about freedom and self-expression, about enjoying the journey and getting there in style. It's about connecting with core emotions that drive us all and finding new pathways to meet deep desires for exploration, adventure and meaningful interaction with likeminded souls.

Music connects people who don't even know they have anything in common. It makes the miles go by faster while helping us live in the moment. It doesn't make life more colorful, but it highlights beauty by evoking excitement, passion, tragedy, a sense of danger, pride, nostalgia and exhilaration.

Rockford Fosgate manufactures a wide selection of stereos for vehicles and motorcycles, and when they design, they have in mind the moment where your hand reaches for the volume, you crank the music and your spirit floats on the sound and the wind. The company's fans demand the best, and that's what they get.

New 800 Watt Audio Kits for H-D® 

Rockford Fosgate has been making audio kits for motorcycles for years, and we've installed them for an untold number of happy customers for most of the time they've been available. However, these kits are new and advertised to be better than ever. 

Motorcycle audio is a different beast altogether from car audio. In a vehicle, the sound is enclosed and the cabin is soundproofed. There's no wind noise and very little engine noise. Cabins have reflective surfaces for predictable accoustics. None of that applies for motorcycles.

Motorcycle audio equipment has to compensate for road noise, wind interference, that rumble you love from your bike and the less satisfying sounds of other traffic. By the time sound cuts through the oppositional sounds and makes it through your full face helmet to your ear drums, it has been muted and distorted. 

The eleven new kits recently released are custom designed to compensate for exhaust, wind and road noise. They're also built extra tough to resist damage from water, dirt, UV damage and other dangers. Here are a few of the features advertised:

  • IPX6 certified M5 amplifier
  • Constant Power technology delivers power when needed and conserves when it's not
  • Motorcycle model specific installation components
  • Speakers custom tuned for open air performance
  • Bluetooth streaming and SiriusXM integration capability available
  • Rockford Fosgate and Sturgis 2022

Eleven kits are available with options for Road Glide, Street Glide, Ultra and CVO motorcycles starting from models produced from 1998 to the present. 

82nd Annual Sturgis Rally

The company is the "Official Motorcycle Audio Sponsor" of this year's Sturgis motorcycle rally. They'll be demonstrating their new audio equipment at their booth on Lazelle Street during the rally every day of the event. Experts will offer test rides to show off the new equipment, with units available for purchase.

Where to Get Rockford Fosgate Near Dallas

If you're not headed to Sturgis, or you'd like to get your audio upgrade closer to home, we've got you covered. Get in touch with our service department to find out how to upgrade your sound system and your riding experience.