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Buy Kid-Sized Motorcycle At Dallas Harley-Davidson

July 11, 2019

Buy Kid-Sized Motorcycle At Dallas Harley-Davidson

New STACYC 12EDRIVE Stability Cycle For Sale!

You’ve seen the look in your little one’s eye when you start your Harley. Imagine how they’d look at you if you gave them a bike of their own! The STACYC 12EDRIVE is a kid-sized electric motorcycle that lets them go from absolute beginner to mini-motorcycle rider in a series of steps.


The acronym stands for STAbility CYCle. Out of the box it looks similar to a regular kid’s bicycle, but the 12EDrive and multiple modes make it function like an electric dirt bike.

What Age Groups Can Ride This Kids Electric Cycle?

The STACYC 12EDRIVE was designed for kids between four and seven years old. The seat height is an adjustable 13 inches, and the manufacturer says anyone with at least a fourteen inch inseam can ride it. 

The kids electric motorcycle will support riders up to 75 pounds and with an inseam up to 20 inches.

How Does It Teach Kids To Ride a Real Motorcycle?

Even if your child has never been on a regular bike before, the STACYC 12EDRIVE makes it easy for them to learn in stages. Start beginners like you would learning to ride any other bike, with them straddling the seat and walking it along the ground. 

With your assistance, they’ll gradually learn to push, balance and coast. Keep them in non-powered mode until they’ve mastered these steps. You’ll find they’re incredibly motivated when they’re working to get to the next level.

As they do, they’ll experience the weight of the bike and start to gather the building blocks of balancing. Let them move along on their own momentum until they’re comfortable. 

Then, switch to low/training mode and watch the real fun begin. Here are the speeds for each level:

  • Low/training – 5 mph
  • Med/standard – 7 mph
  • High/advanced – 9 mph

Is It Really Like a Motorcycle?

Yes! You’ve seen the plastic vehicles with the huge battery you buy at Wal-Mart and all the other toys that look flashy but don’t hold up. This is way better. The STACYC comes with the following:

  • Aluminum TIG welded frame
  • 12” composite wheels
  • Pneumatic tires
  • A BMX chain and freewheel
  • A steel, BMX-style fork
  • Thermal protection covered motor

It will hold up to anything your little ripper can dish out. But the best part is how it operates like a real motorcycle. Flip the switch to start, just like on your Harley. Then, roll on the throttle with your right and brake left, just like a real dirt bike. 


The throttle is easy to operate, and provides smooth acceleration. The left side hand brake supplies plenty of stopping power to the rear wheel.

Is STACYC 12EDRIVE Hard to Assemble?

Not at all, even if you’re not very mechanically inclined. It’s a kid’s toy designed for ease of use, and that means for parents, too. Expect to spend less than half an hour putting it together. You’ll need a sharp edge to open packaging, a 5 and 6 mm Allen wrench, a 15 mm wrench, an electrical outlet to charge the battery and an air pump to make sure the tires are completely inflated.

How Long Does It Take to Charge?

The STACYC 12EDRIVE kid’s motorcycle comes with a lightweight battery like what you’d see with a rechargeable drill. The charger comes with the bike. Plug it in and expect it to charge in less than an hour. The charger is easy to use, so with adult supervision, you can teach kids to plug it in themselves.

Once fully charged, how long it lasts depends on your little rider. At higher speeds, it depletes faster, just like you’d expect with any other electric bike. The 20 watt lithium ion battery typically provides between 30 and 60 minutes of riding. 

Is STACYC 12EDRIVE Safe for Kids?

One of the biggest upsides to this kids electric motorcycle is that the power levels are locked. You have a chance to train your little rider at each level until you’re sure they’ve mastered the skills they need. Dial things back if you think your rider needs a refresher course in riding responsibly, and switch back to non-powered mode when you’re concerned not enough adult supervision is available.

This bike actually teaches safe riding. It prepares your little motorcycle enthusiast to handle a bigger bike down the road and teaches them balance and slow speed maneuvering from a young age.

Where to Buy STACYC 12EDRIVE

We sell them at Dallas Harley-Davidson®! Contact us to buy yours today.