Harley-Davidson® and the U.S. Secret Service

We're not going to get into politics. At Dallas Harley-Davidson® we don't make foreign policy. We don't like taxes any more than the rest of McKinney, Garland, Terrell and other DFW residents. We also believe all Americans have a right to make money doing what they're really great at. But mostly we just love Harley®. We're proud that the Secret Service does too.

Secret Service Harley Davidson Motorcycles

H-D® and the Presidential Motorcade

When POTUS hits the road in the US or abroad, his motorcade becomes a rolling armada. It's like the White House on wheels with impenetrable communications, bulletproof everything, a communications office, medical facilities and the White House press corps.

Usually a handful of Presidential Airlift helicopters tag along, because there's not much more impressive than a Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 or a pair of VH-60N Black Hawks thundering overhead. 

If you were watching for the Presidential Motorcade, the first thing you'd see would be the Route Car and Pilot Car, both of which check the route ahead. Right behind follows a line of Sweepers, police and secret service agents on motorcycles.

Officers from the Uniformed Division have a mission to protect facilities, venues and, of course the President. They are responsible for the White House Complex, the Vice President's residence, the Treasury Department building and foreign diplomatic missions in the US. The Motorcade Support Unit is part of the Uniformed Division. They supply tactical support from Harleys® any time the Presidential Motorcade moves.

The Secret Service has been using Harley-Davidson® since July 2001. Uniformed Division personnel are highly trained and skilled in all areas of motorcycling. They have to be able to qualify for Top Secret clearance and meet strict background, experience and fitness requirements.

What Kind of Harleys® Does the Secret Service Buy?

The recent purchase order that caused so much excitement in the press was for a Harley-Davidson® FLHTP. It's the same bike used by police and law enforcement officers. Most are Electra Glides, but H-D® also advertises Road King and XL 883 models under Law Enforcement Motorcycles.

Since early 2018 there's been backlash over Harley® manufacturing decisions. The Secret Service says they're sticking with Harley. Their mechanics are familiar with the bikes, their staff is comfortable on them and they already have parts and sidecars to fit.

United States Park Police and Harley-Davidson®

inline_b0be0fc63ed0c28056a3821f538cf727_9dd348f145c7.jpgUSPP Motorcycle Unit Motorcade from

The United States Park Police (USPP) is one of the oldest and most widely respected federal law enforcement agencies in the US. They have both state and federal authority when it comes to protecting federally-managed areas and famous monuments. Their Motorcycle Unit has been buying Harley-Davidson® motorcycles since 1917. 

Current USPP officers are trained by the Institute of Police Technology and Management Force instructors. Students train for more than 80 hours in high-speed pursuit, short obstacle maneuvers, officer safety and survival. They're required to ride year-round, including riding with a sidecar from November to March. They work closely with the Secret Service and often coordinate to in the Presidential escort.

On 9/11, Motorcycle Unit members were among the first to respond to Pentagon attacks. They've been a regular presence places like the Atlanta Olympics and at large demonstrations.

Buy Your Own Electra Glide Ultra Classic

used Electra Glide Dallas Tx

It says something when the officers responsible for the leader of the free world choose one type of motorcycle. Even if you're not Secret Service, you can still buy a bike with top-of-the-line performance, handling and comfort. Check out the 2019 Electra Glide Ultra Classic at our Garland dealership or shop used Harley-Davidson® bikes in our online inventory.

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