How to Convince Your S.O. You Need a New Bike This Spring

10 Reasons You Need a New Bike - Plus The Unexpected Controversy This Topic Sparked

"If you have to explain, they aren't going to get it." "You work, you should be able to buy what you want." "Just bring it home, they'll get used to it." Those are some of the responses I got when I asked for reasons one could give their significant other why they needed a new bike this spring. 

Sure, your loved one should support you doing things that bring you enjoyment. We're all adults with freedom to choose. But relationships are a two way street. It's always good to have a discussion before major purchases, no matter who makes the most money. Here are some of the best reasons I've run across for buying a new motorcycle this spring.

1. Harley® Just Made Your Dream Bike

There are choices out there you didn't have a few years ago. Maybe you loved your old bike, but you saw FXDR 114 or Electra Glide Standard and the universe shifted on its axis. The grass won't be as green, the sun won't be as bright and your food and drink won't have any flavor until you own one. 

Explain to your loved one how you felt when you first saw them. Everything else paled in comparison. You knew what you wanted and couldn't be content until you had it. It's the same with the motorcycle you just fell in love with.

It's not here for spring, but the same argument holds for LiveWire™. Did you know we're taking deposits now?

LiveWire Garland Tx

2. Newer Motorcycles Are More Trouble Free

Harley® has always built a reliable product that just lasts, but technology continues to evolve. New bikes are finely tuned machines and if you see to regular maintenance, you won't have to worry about much else. 

If you're having a conversation with your significant other about the expense of buying a new bike, one thing to consider is that a new Harley-Davidson® comes with an extensive warranty that covers anything that could go wrong. Warranty coverage comes standard with our certified pre-owned bikes, and we also have extended warranties available.

That being said, most of the time Dallas riders don't have to use them. We sell rock solid new Harley-Davidson® bikes, and any used motorcycles we put on our showroom floor have gone through rigorous testing to make sure they're mechanically sound. A new motorcycle (or new to you) from us is going to be more trouble free.

3. You'll Be Safer On a New Bike

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from non-riding significant others is about safety. If you're hoping for a new bike this spring and that's something they worry about, try to see things from his or her perspective. Compared to riding in a car, you are less protected when you ride. There are plenty of statistics and images out there to stoke the fear something could happen to you.

If you feel like you'll be safer on a new bike, now is a good time to bring that up. If the model you're considering has better brakes or lights that make you more visible on the road, it really does make a difference to your chances of avoiding an accident.

It helps to be specific. For example, Road King has Reflex Linked Brakes with Anti-lock braking system, dual halogen headlamps and fog lights, brighter turn signals and brake lights and more responsive steering. If you have to accelerate, swerve or stop suddenly, you'll be better off on a bike with improved safety features.

Road King Garland Tx

4. You Can Get to Them Faster in an Emergency

So of course you're going to be riding at a sedate and serene pace covered in safety gear most of the time. However, if they ever need you to come riding to the rescue, a new bike will allow you to slice through Dallas traffic to be by their side almost instantaneously.

5. You Won't Text and Drive on a Motorcycle

Maybe you're tempted to do this in a car, but it won't happen if you're on a bike. Every once in a while you pass that idiot who does and know it's just a matter of time.

6. You'll Be Easier to Shop For

If they're always scrambling to find a gift for birthdays and other holidays, think how much easier it will be with a new bike. You can make them a list of bike accessories in a wide price range and gifts will be covered for the foreseeable future. Plus, you might need a helmet, jacket, boots and other riding gear that goes with the color and stance of your new Harley®.

7. New Bikes Have Better Fuel Efficiency

This is a positive, and for extra points think first from your significant other's standpoint. If they're cost conscious, highlight how many miles per gallon a new motorcycle will get and break that down into dollars and cents savings over the course of a year. If they're environmentally conscious, note how you're burning less fossil fuels. If you're buying LiveWire™, you'll never have to put gas in your bike again. It's a thoughtful choice for a Dallas city dweller.

8. A New Bike is Cheaper Than a Pilot's License

It's the closest thing to flying you can get. It's also less dangerous than skydiving. Riding gives you a feeling of freedom and a rush of adrenaline while letting you stay on the ground. The whole reason Harley® is such an icon, why people are so passionate about the lifestyle is because of the thrill, the freedom that makes you feel like you almost rule the world.

9. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Maybe the sport bike in your garage was perfect when you were in your 20's, before you had kids etc. Now you're more interested in taking long rides than flying through the streets of Dallas. Or, maybe you need more storage capacity so you can ride back and forth to work and pick up groceries on the way home.

Or, it could be the opposite. If for a while you've been thinking of a lighter, sportier bike, maybe it's time for you. If your old bike doesn't suit the way you want to ride this spring, you're less likely to take it out.

10. Riding Helps You Be Your Best Self

When you get on your bike, you're disconnected from electronics, work pressure, other people's conversation and everything else that vies for your attention. It's just you, your bike and the road. It becomes a meditative, mindful experience where your brain seems to shift to another frequency. Miles pass by almost unnoticed.

Life is stressful. Almost all riders say time on their bike is almost a spiritual experience, and they are better for it.

Harley Garland Tx

Where The Conversation Got Complicated

Okay full disclosure on this one. As a content writer, I'm always on the lookout for material for Dallas Harley-Davidson® articles. I'm also interested in all things Harley®. I ride a gorgeous 2013 Sportster with which I fell in love at first sight. However, it's top heavy for me. I'm under five feet tall and I weigh just over 100 pounds. When I stop at a steep incline, I have trouble controlling it. I've been thinking of trading it for a Softail Slim, but I haven't even mentioned it to my husband.

He's wonderful, generous, and just as passionate about Harley® as I am, maybe even more so. I don't have to manipulate him into anything. However, I was curious what that conversation was like for other couples. So, I turned to Facebook and asked an online community. I was surprised by the response. 

Do You Need a Reason?

The controversy revolved around whether or not you should have to give a reason at all. Here are a few of the responses:

  • If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand. No reason necessary.
  • Because you don't need a reason.
  • I've never asked or given a reason, I just buy what I want and see how long it takes for him to notice.
  • Buy your own, no permission needed.
  • That's why we keep separate bank accounts.

One group seemed to feel like each person should do what they liked without needing to consult the other. A second sentiment involved logic.

  • Depends on what you have. My reason is because I'm tired of oil tank burning my leg.
  • A new bike is safer and more comfortable, so it's better for your body. 
  • I need that 6th gear and quicker throttle response. Don't want to get stuck in emergency situations.
  • It would benefit us both because I would be more comfortable riding the new one and our long trips will be more enjoyable. Just went from a super low 1200T to a Street Glide.
  • Find the one you like and say you can't pass up the bargain.
  • You need a newer one to keep up with them easier.
  • Spring is a great time to sell your old one.

The last group relied on age-old currency.

  • My friend would say bring it up after (bedroom activities suggested here)...
  • Just come home with it and you will probably look hot enough to distract any possible ramifications...
  • My old bike didn't match my new boots.

For me, I believe a there are two people in a relationship and it's respectful to discuss big purchases. It doesn't matter who makes the most money or how many accounts you keep it in. 

I think there's a separate point of view that thinks feeling the need to give reasons is weakness. A man or woman who "has to ask" is dominated by their partner. What do you think? 

Our online community is a great place for connecting with other riders and voicing your opinion. If you don't already follow us on Facebook, here's our page.

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