Harley-Davidson® Street 500 -- Is This The Bike for You?

Harley Street 500 Garland Tx

Harley-Davidson® Street 500 Overview - Specs and Pricing

If you're thinking of purchasing a Harley-Davidson® Street 500 near Dallas, you're probably comparing it to other choices in the same motorcycle class and price range. We're just going to come out and say it. There's not really a way to compare other brands to Harley®. We wrote the book on quality, reliability, performance and iconic style. We make legends. 

The 2019 H-D® Street 500 comes with a liquid-cooled, Revolution-X™ V-Twin engine that cranks out 29.5 ft-lb of torque. It's light and lean at 87.2 inches in length and weighing just 514 pounds in running order. 

The tank carries 3.5 gallons of fuel and gets an astounding 64 mpg, so you can go up to 224 miles between fill-ups. Carve the Dallas streets with 5.7 inches of ground clearance and 28.5 inches of lean angle both right and left.

Black, 7-spoke cast aluminum wheels are stronger than laced wheels, so they come with the durability Harley® is known for. Harley® adds tubeless tires, your best choice for avoiding blow-outs. The gas tank and fenders are steel for a solid feel that makes Street 500 go to the head of the class.

As far as electrical goes, you get high beams, neutral and turn signals. Indicators include low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics and a low fuel warning. Street 500's gauges include a 3.5 inch speedometer that also tells you when your forks and gas cap are locked.

Plus, you have the option of black, one color or two-tone paint. Your color options are as follows:

  • Bonneville Salt Pearl
  • Bonneville Salt Pearl Deluxe (pearl white and silver)
  • Twisted Cherry
  • Vivid Black Deluxe (Vivid Black with silver accents)
  • Wicked Red Deluxe (Red and black)

See each color option on a Street 500 on our website. Just click through the color options to see how each looks on a 2019 model bike.

Street 500 History

Harley® first announced the Harley-Davidson® Street motorcycle at the 2013 EICMA motorcycle trade show in Milan, Italy. Manufacturers frequently use the show to debut new vehicles, and this one caused an instant sensation. It was Harley's® first all new bike in 13 years, and the first lightweight since the Sprint in 1974. Street 500 motorcycles sold in the United States are manufactured at Harley's Kansas facility.

How to Make Your Harley® Street 500 a Custom Motorcycle

Like all Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, Street 500 is meant to be customized. Build a custom motorcycle unlike anything else you see on the Dallas streets with some of the almost endless possibilities. Try these for starters:

  • Add a Cafe Solo seat for extra style and comfort.
  • Swap factory handlebars for a drag handlebar in satin black.
  • Amp up Street 500's already formidable style with die-cast front axle nut covers in gloss black, 5-3/4" Daymaker Projector LED Headlamps and Typhoon custom wheels.
  • Add Dominion Collection hand grips, foot pegs, passenger foot pegs and shifter pegs.
  • Improve performance with a Screamin' Eagle Performance Air Cleaner Kit

Is Street 500 for New Riders?

Street 500 has a laden seat height of 25.7 inches, making it comfortably low to the ground for new riders. The low center of gravity and manageable weight make it easy to lift off the kickstand. Its 32 degree rake is just right for predictable maneuvering at low speeds and mid-mount controls are easy to reach, even for riders with shorter legs. The bike is light and nimble, so it's a good choice for new riders.

We just can't help but point out starting MSRP for this bike. Harley® has taken a lot of criticism lately for making bikes that are too expensive and that don't appeal to the younger generation. Street 500 is pretty much proof positive that's false. 

Sure, if you're in your 20's paying off student loans and starting a family, you might not be able to afford a CVO or Touring bike. Yep, those are pricey. If you're comparing those to the price of an entry-level Ducati, you don't understand much about motorcycles at all.

We encourage everyone with an interest to learn to ride. If all you have to spend is $1,500 and you can find a used foreign-made bike for that, do what you can do. But the starting price of Harley's® Street 500 makes it accessible to those who don't have a lot to spend. Our financing makes it even more affordable. Plus, you get the image and prestige that only comes when you choose H-D®.

Street 500 vs. Street 750

The main difference between these two bikes is the displacement of their Revolution-X motors. You'll see a lot of similarity in the look and feel between the two. They're both fine-tuned, good-looking machines with Harley®'s blacked out cruiser style. Street 500 has a 30 cubic inch, 500 cc engine where Street 750 has the 750 cc version. Both have the same six-speed transmission, light frame and low seat height.

Buy a Harley-Davidson® Street 500 Near Dallas

Buy a Harley-Davidson® Street 500 near Dallas at our Garland dealership. Check out your 2019 Street 500 options online here, but you're really going to want to stop by to see them in person. Set up a free test ride to get a true feel for whether or not this is the right Harley® for you.

At the time this article is being written, we also have this XG500 2018 Haley-Davidson Street 500 in vivid black. If that's the one you want, get here quick. Contact us to find out more.

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