4 Reasons to Schedule Your Bike Maintenance Right This Minute

If you're like many Harley® owners, you're pretty good about motorcycle maintenance. However, scheduling motorcycle service isn't something you do regularly. 

Recently you've been busy with the holidays. The thought may have crossed your mind as you were drifting off to sleep or riding down the road, but you haven't had a chance to do anything about it. Here's a little motivation to get it done.

Your Safety Really is At Stake

Regular motorcycle maintenance keeps you from getting stuck on the side of the road. Our January service special includes a complete inspection that will ensure your safety and help prevent accidents.

Good brakes are critical to your safety, and they deteriorate. It's important to check your brake fluid and brake pads on a regular basis. Over time, when you don't get to maintenance, gear shifting becomes harder and performance declines. The same riders we see skipping routine maintenance also tend to ride on worn tires. You can't turn or stop efficiently when your bike tires are bad. You put your own life in danger.

Skipping Maintenance Could Cost More

Once your brake pads get thin, just like with a car they can damage the brake disc. Then your only option is a complete replacement.

The fluids in your bike lubricate, cool, clean and prevent long as you replace them on schedule. Otherwise you're playing with fire. Here's what happens:

  • You expose your engine to extremely high temperatures.
  • Engine noise increases.
  • There's less oil in your engine and transmission which means more wear on clutch plates and friction plates.
  • Gradually friction builds on piston rings, possibly damaging your cylinder bore and causing engine damage.

If you don't change your oil, your motorcycle's engine will become too hot and run less efficiently. Over time, that stress will cause components to wear out. Breakdowns happen at the most inconvenient time, and could cost thousands to repair.

If You're Delaying Maintenance, You're Hurting Your Harley®

If you've known for a while you needed service but you've put it off, you might be damaging your bike every time you ride. Imagine your bike literally begging for you to take it for motorcycle maintenance.

Over time tiny metal particles, dirt and soot make fluids abrasive and they start to scour components. Sludge forms, making it difficult for fluids to slip between parts. The viscosity changes as fluids are repeatedly exposed to high temperatures, so your oil is thinner and less effective.

If you've been putting it off, you know your bike is sitting in your garage wishing you would show it some love. Like a sad neglected puppy. Do you really want to be responsible for making your Harley® feel like a sad neglected puppy? Click this link right now and schedule your maintenance.

We Have a Special in January

Let's be honest, most riders put off motorcycle maintenance for two reasons -- it takes time, and it costs money. At Dallas Harley-Davidson® we'll always get you in and out, but in January we'll also give you some freebies with your service you don't want to miss. Here's what you get and what it costs:

Plus, get 10 percent off accessories with a full service purchase. What does motorcycle service cost? You get all of that for only $229.

If you click away from this article, you'll get distracted. Schedule your motorcycle service now before the special ends and your bike feels neglected. Book service online or call 972.270.3962.

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